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Symantec Offers Java Seminars


Symantec Corporation will be hosting several country-wide Java Seminars that will focus on teaching web developers and programmers everything they need to know about Java with looks at Symantec Cafe and a sneak-peak at the new Symantec Visual Cafe. The seminars will focus on learning Java fundamentals; basics on building layout managers; tips for building complex data structures without pointers; an overview on interface classes and the Java object model; and an overview of sockets and server-side process communications with multiple clients. The seminars will be taught by industry leaders such as Dr. Terence Parr, Ph.D., Dr. Tim Rohaly, Ph.D., Dr. Russell W. Quong, Ph.D and Scott Ritchie.

Seminars will take place in the following locations:

September 17, Santa Clara, CA September 19, Irvine, CA

September 19, Washington, D.C. September 24, Seattle, WA

September 24, Chicago, IL September 25, Boston, MA

September 26, Dallas, TX September 26, Atlanta, GA

October 1, San Francisco, CA


People interested in attending one of these seminars can register at the Symantec seminar website: or call 1-800-349-0434. The cost for each seminar is $249.00 for preregistration or $299.00 the day of the seminar.


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