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Symantec Offers Integrated Product Suite for Networks


Aiming to maximize network reliability and reduce computing costs of large distributed networks, Symantec Corporation announced Norton Administrator Suite-Premier Edition. Norton Administrator Suite-Premier Edition integrates a wide array of features into an single, ideal tool for administering large, distributed networks, providing an unparalleled degree of centralized control to the IS department.

The program empowers network administrators to reach every PC server and desktop on the network from a single console; proactively prevent problems; understand and control how the technology investment is being utilized; and relieve an overburdened help desk by automatically performing much of the groundwork needed to resolve problems. In addition, as IS departments face daunting budget pressures, Norton Administration Suite-Premier Edition offers administrators the ability to maximize their network budget with precise knowledge of network utilization and resources; seamlessly manage remote network resources including remote servers and mobile users; as well as implement operating system migrations and application updates efficiently and cost-effectively.

"Today's networks are becoming more elaborate, complex and dynamic -- and more crucial than ever to the success of the business," said Ted Schlein, vice president of Networking and Client/Server Technology at Symantec. "Norton Administrator Suite is designed to relieve the building pressure on IS departments by providing a tool that not only solves problems but also avoids problems through proactive network management. The Norton Administrator Suite helps make your PC network a true asset, rather than a liability."

Norton Administrator Suite-Premier Edition is designed to be network-, platform- and protocol-independent supporting a heterogeneous network from a single console and a unified database. The program provides unlimited scalability and includes advanced features such as integrated server management and site management, making it ideal for distributed network management. Multi-site management features included in the Premier Edition enable an IS manager to manage a local network, multiple remotely located networks, or both, all from one console.

Norton Administrator Suite-Premier Edition provides the most functionality, and the most integration of any network administration solution. The program is built upon a common architectural framework, the Norton Enterprise Framework, which achieves the end result of Norton Administrator Suite being bigger than the sum of its parts. This high level of integration between the components of Norton Administrator Suite-Premier Edition enables a network administrator to leverage the data collected to proactively respond to network events.

A intuitive interface across all features and all platforms for both workgroup and distributed management, makes Norton Administrator Suite-Premier Edition easy to learn and use. Simple point-and-click feature selection and well-organized dialog boxes present options clearly and concisely.

In addition, built-in scripts help the administrator customize and automate many routines, reducing the workload and allowing the administrator the option to concentrate on more pressing needs. Companies can manage a wide range of network PCs through the Internet Protocol (IP). By using the Internet of company-established intranets, IS managers can use the local telephone system to manage remote sites, rather than relying on WAN connections.

Norton Administrator Suite-Premier Edition enables administrators to automatically inventory hardware and software resources; meter and report software-license compliance; monitor and control server activities to enhance network availability; as well as diagnose and correct server problems. In addition, the administrator can create and administer standardized desktop configurations, ensure workstation virus protection and gain remote control access to every networked workstation. Finally, the administrator can plan and implement operating system and application upgrades, monitor capacity to anticipate software and hardware upgrade needs on desktop computers as well as PC servers, and minimize costly workstation visits by IS personnel. Each of the suite's modules are the market and technology leaders in their categories, proven on more than 10 million desktops worldwide.

Norton Administrator Suite-Premier Edition is available now through a multi-module, multi-node tiered pricing structure. Customers can purchase the suite in its entirety, or have the option to select only particular solution modules for specific number of nodes. For the entire suite, estimated street price ranges from $59/per node for 1000 licenses to $45/per node for 5000 licenses. Corporate site licenses are available.

Norton Administrator Suite-Premier Edition is compatible with the major network operating systems including Microsoft NT Server, Novell NetWare, Banyan VINES, Microsoft LAN Manager, DEC Pathworks and IBM LAN Server and supports DOS, Windows (including Windows 95 and Windows NT), Macintosh and OS/2 client operating systems. The Administrator's console runs on a Windows management platform which requires an IBM 80386 PC or 100% compatible, DOS 3.31 or higher, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT, and minimum disk space of 40 MB.


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