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Symantec Provides Solution for Putting Business Information on the Internet, Download here


Access to current business information is crucial. Many businesses generate numerous documents using popular desktop tools which are then distributed to customers and employees worldwide. Symantec Corporation announced today Visual Page, an internal WYSIWYG document development and distribution tool which allows business people to easily put corporate documents on an internal web site. Visual Page is easy enough to use so that anyone familiar with current office automation tools will be able to generate Web documents. Changes can be done directly on the web-page and the documents can be posted without the tedious task of sending out (another) new version.

While many organizations are benefiting from advertising their products and services to customers using the Internet, internal information can be bogged down by processes to ensure current information is available worldwide. With Visual Page, Symantec has created an easy way for business people to use the Internet to solve this problem by centralizing access to the latest, most up-to-date information. Instead of distributing documents via email or internal mail, users requiring the information simply go to the corporate intranet site where the latest version is available.

"Visual Page is a breakthrough for business communication -- instead of sending information out and then tracking version numbers and updates, it allows the user to put the information in one place where everyone can access it when they need it. It solves the problem of updating and redistributing multiple versions of the same document since anyone who has access to the Internet or their internal Intranet has access to the latest information," said Mansour Safai, general manager of Symantec's Internet tools division. "We wanted to provide a product that any business or home user could use. We also continue to show our support for the Macintosh by providing Visual Page on the Macintosh platform first."

Key Features

The final Visual Page product will offer the following key features:

  • Similar look and feel to current business tools (such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, etc.);
  • An interface to Apple's Java Virtual Machine (VM) to give the user a WYSIWYG for Java applets;
  • Business oriented templates for budgets, product planning, etc.;
  • True WYSIWYG HTML development;
  • Full support of tables with "auto-sizing" and adjustable columns; % PICT files are automatically converted to GIF format;
  • Dynamic document layout allows immediate feedback when images and drawings are resized -- instead of having to set an image size before the new document layout becomes clear;
  • Standard formatting styles are available;
  • Full support for HTML frames; and
  • Full support of linking separate pages, URLs and anchors.

    The final product is expected to be available at the end of November for an estimated retail price (ERP) of $99.00. Visual Page for the Power Macintosh is expected to be available directly from Symantec.

    Download The Visual Page Preview (5.7 Megs)


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