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SyQuest Shows 1.5GB Removable Cartridge Hard Drive & Higher Capacity and Faster Data Transfer Rate


SyQuest Technology announced that it is showing its new, 3.5-inch, 1.5 gigabyte SyJet drive at Comdex.In addition, the company announced that SyJet 1.5GB features both higher capacity (1.5GB vs. 1.3GB) and a higher sustained read/write performance than initially announced. SyJet supports the most demanding application users with a maximum sustained data transfer rate approaching 7MB/sec., and a SCSI burst rate of 10MB/sec. Access time is among the fastest available at less than 12msec.

"In addition to featuring the highest capacity and sustained data transfer rate in the 3.5-inch removable cartridge hard drive marketplace, SyJet offers the most advanced contamination protection," said Ron Brown, vice president of corporate marketing. "The key to reliable performance and fail-safe cartridge interchangeability in a removable cartridge hard drive is a clean, contaminant-free environment. The breakthrough read/write performance, reliability and interchangeability achieved by SyJet is a result of proprietary mechanical and firmware designs that create the most contaminant-free and particulate managed environment ever achieved in a removable cartridge hard drive."


SyJet solves the chronic storage problems (limited speed and capacity) of users who work with data intensive applications, especially those involved in digital video, digital audio, multimedia, desktop publishing, digital photography, pre-press work and other imaging of complex computer graphics, CD-ROM games, website creation, or those who frequently download information from the Internet. Because SyJet can maintain a sustained minimum read/write transfer rate of 3.7MB/sec., it is the highest performing removable cartridge hard drive product for supporting full motion video. One SyJet cartridge holds up to 80 minutes of broadcast quality video at 50:1 MPEG compression, or 2 hours of (44Khz, 16 bits) stereo quality audio. SyJet's virtually noiseless performance makes it the perfect studiomate for digital recording and mixing.

In addition, SyJet's large capacity removable hard disk cartridges are an excellent choice for large-scale graphics, publishing, and presentation applications, and permit work to be organized on a convenient volume-by-volume, job-by-job or user-by-user basis. SyJet combines the fastest data rates with easy data portability and data security. Primary applications are to easily add additional, endless storage to a computer system; as a device to create real-time storage from which files can be accessed quickly and easily; and as a convenient way to transport large files.

Slim-Line Design

Based on consumer research, SyQuest has redesigned the look and feel of its external removable cartridge hard drive systems, not only to provide a more streamlined look, but also to enhance product usability. New features, first introduced in June with the new EZFlyer 230, include a slim-line external chassis, a one-touch, auto-eject button located on the front of the drive for easy cartridge removal, an electronic power button located on the side, and a see through window in the top of the drive. The internal 3.5-inch form factor SyJet 1.5 also includes the one-touch, auto-eject button on the front bezel for easy cartridge removal.

SyJet's first available configuration for the OEM market is an internal Fast SCSI Narrow model. An internal Enhanced-IDE version will follow almost immediately. Initial retail configurations will include internal SCSI for Mac and PC, external portable SCSI for Mac and PC, and external portable Parallel Port, to be followed soon after by an internal EIDE version.

The drive carries a one year warranty, and the cartridges carry a limited lifetime warranty. They also carry a high reliability rating of 250,000 hours mean time between failure.

SyJet external SCSI units have an MSRP of U.S. $499; internal configurations will sell for U.S. $399. The Parallel Port pack's MSRP is U.S. $529. Quantity-based OEM discounts are available. Individual SyJet 1.5GB data cartridges are priced at U.S. $124.99. Multiple cartridge packs are priced at $319.99 for the three-pack and $519.99 for the five-pack. The price of the five-pack reduces the cost-per-megabyte of the cartridges to 6.9 cents.


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