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Maxum TagBuilder Integrates With Adobe PageMill 2


Maxum Development Corp. today announced TagBuilder™a Web page construction utility for Adobe¹s PageMill™2.0. TagBuilder will provide Macintosh Webmasters with an easy way to integrate Maxum's NetCloak®and NetForms™functionality into their Web pages using PageMill. NetCloak allows Web page designers to create pages that customize to individual users on-the-fly. NetForms allows them to create interactive forums and threaded discussions . TagBuilder provides an easy and intuitive way to generate the "tags" that NetCloak and NetForms use and then insert them into PageMill documents.

TagBuilder presents the user a window with a list of the available features of NetCloak and NetForms . Designers can select the functionality they are looking for, then drag the appropriate "tag" , complete with all fields, into PageMill. The Web designer then only has to change any default options not desired. This process ensures accurate construction of tags and reduces the time spent maintaining pages.

TagBuilder is fully customizable, allowing the advanced user to create their own "Tag Templates". This is a fairly simple language, and the descriptions can be created in any text editor. TagBuilder's goal is to make the integration of Maxum products into the design and creation of your site as easy as possible.

"Maxum's products add tremendous functionality to Macintosh Web servers," said Robert Seidl, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Internet Division, Adobe Systems Incorporated. "TagBuilder offers an easy way to extend PageMill's functionality through NetCloak and NetForms, giving our customers more flexibility and customization in building Web sites."

TagBuilder will be included free with PageMill 2.0, and current PageMill users will be able to download demos from Maxum's Web site .

"TagBuilder makes NetCloak and NetForms easy and intuitive for PageMill users to implement," said John O'Fallon, President of Maxum Development. "Our plans are to eventually make the synergy between Maxum server tools and Adobe content creation applications seamless."

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