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Mac Market Leader Fights For NT Web Applications Development Marketplace With Competitive Upgrade


In its bid to claim the market leadership in the Windows NT market, EveryWare Development Corp. announced a competitive upgrade program for Tango Enterprise 2.0 for Windows, EveryWare's intranet rapid application development (IRAD) tool. Tango Enterprise enables rapid creation of Web-based applications that integrate databases and other legacy applications. Tango is a cross-platform solution allowing developers to work on Windows NT or Macintosh and deploy on Windows NT, Solaris, AIX , SGI and Macintosh. The product enables application development using the worlds leading databases, such as Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Microsoft Corp.'s SQL Server, Access, FoxPro etc.

EveryWare first shipped Tango Enterprise on the Macintosh platform one year ago. Since then over 5000 organizations have been using the product to create complex Web-based applications that integrate databases. EveryWare is attacking the Windows market by offering an upgrade discount of 50% to current users of other Web/database products. Web developers who are using products such as Cold Fusion, NetDynamics, WebBase, Fusion, IntraBuilder, Backstage or Saphire/Web, to name a few, can purchase Tango Enterprise for Windows at the upgrade price.

"Our customers have told us that we have the most powerful and easiest to use tool on the market, and now we want to introduce it to the tens of thousands of NT developers " said Stephen Whiteside, director of sales EveryWare Development. "There are no risks in this purchase. We offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee on all our products. Rapid application development tools for the Web have come a long way in a short period of time. If developers are using first generation products that do not offer extreme ease of use while allowing them to develop in a code free environment then they should take the time to see what's out there."

Tango Enterprise has been receiving very positive reviews and recognition from top tier magazines in the Internet/Intranet marketplace. In the last month ten magazines around the world have given Tango a "Best of Breed" rating.

", intuitive and easy to use. When I applied a few of Tango's more advanced database-access features...results came back in a heartbeat," InfoWorld review.

"Tango is a powerful application that hides the complexity of HTML coding and SQL query building, " PCWEEK review.

" Excellent for rapid database connection to Web pages; great speed; great support," MacWorld review.

Some current Tango clients include, 3Com, Alaska Airlines, Allen Bradley, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Booze Allen Hamilton, Carlton Cards, Chicago Board of Trade, Cisco Systems, Cray Research, EDS, Georgetown University, Harvard University, HP, KPMG, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Lockheed Martin, Michigan State University, MIT, Motorola, NASA, National Institutes of Health, Nortel, Randon House, Sony, Stanford University, Storagetek, Tennessee Valley Authority, Toyota Motor, TRW, UCLA United Air Lines, and the University of Texas,

Tango Enterprise for NT normally retails for $995 to $2,295. In order to receive this incredible 50% discount Web developers can contact EveryWare's sales team at (888) 819-2500, (905) 819-1173 or through email . Proof of ownership of competing products is necessary to receive this discount.


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