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Tango Merchant Electronic Commerce in Record Time


EveryWare Development Corp. announced the release of Tango Merchant, a comprehensive, customizable, on-line shopping solution that enables businesses to establish storefronts on the World-Wide Web. Tango Merchant provides everything from order placement through fulfillment, saving retailers substantial development time and allowing them to quickly provide an on-line shopping solution to their customers. Tango Merchant is available on the Macintosh and will be released by the end of August on Windows NT.

"As on-line commerce grows in popularity, retailers will have a choice," said Dan McKenzie, president of EveryWare Development Corp. "They can either pay a percentage of their sales to be in somebody's 'electronic mall' or they can do it themselves and save the high commission costs. Tango Merchant is the ultimate entrepreneurial Web tool-allowing merchants to establish their own retail presence and retain all their profits-without the headaches."

Tango Merchant includes three components:

-A Web storefront, including a series of pre-configured HTML templates created with EveryWare's Tango -- a premier Web/database integration application. The templates eliminate the time-consuming task of manually writing HTML pages.

-Tango Merchant Administrator, providing a point-and-click interface for everything from specifying payment and shipping details to reviewing, modifying and approving order information.

-A relational SQL database that stores product information, allowing merchants to keep a Web application up to date without taking their solution off-line as pricing and product offerings change. Customer orders are placed directly into the database for quick retrieval and updates.

Tango Merchant is a superior electronic commerce solution because of its core technology, EveryWare's Tango. Tango is an Intranet Rapid Application Development tool used to easily integrate Web servers to databases through a drag-and-drop development environment. Users and consultants can easily make changes that tailor Tango Merchant to their style of business or existing Web site -- all without having to do line-by-line coding.

Implementation is fast. Tango Merchant can be up, running and ready to receive orders in a matter of hours. Once the initial setup is complete, users simply populate their catalog of products and descriptions, incorporate images and specify preferences with Tango Merchant Administrator.

Tango Merchant accepts product information from a variety of applications, including spreadsheets and databases, reducing the time consuming task of data entry. The Administrator provides the interface that allows retailers to specify the calculation of shipping charges either by weight, volume, number of items or sales total -- flexibility not found in other electronic commerce packages.

Tango Merchant is extensible, with the ability to quickly export order information to third-party accounting and inventory systems, or directly into Connected, EveryWare's fully integrated, multi-user accounting software package, to provide a fully integrated business management system.

"Tango Merchant is an indispensable tool for anyone interested in developing an on-line commerce system," said Christian Meukow, Red Light Communications. "We had been searching for an application that allowed us to get on-line quickly without a lot of upfront development work, as well as giving us the ability to customize for the future. With Tango Merchant all of the work has been done for us. We have to do some quick modifications to the HTML, populate the database with our product information and we're ready to go."

Tango Merchant supports secure Web transactions by interfacing with WebSTAR's Secure Sockets Layer and provides credit approval with links to credit card authorization software, such as MacAuthorize. Repeat customers have password-- protected access to previously established information, thereby eliminating the need to re-enter shipping and billing data. Tango Merchant can also be configured to send automatic order notification via e-mail to an order processing department to ensure efficient, responsive order fulfillment.

Tango Merchant is priced at $4,995 for a single store front, or $9,995 for unlimited stores, both supporting multiple shopping baskets. Tango Merchant is available immediately on the Macintosh and will be shipping on Windows NT by the end of August.


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