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New WebSTAR Plug-In Version of Tango Application Server


EveryWare Development Corp. announces a WebSTAR plug-in version of its Tango Application Server. The server is a major component of Tango, EveryWare's Intranet Rapid Application Development (IRAD) tool for building commercial Web applications that integrate Web servers with a wide variety of databases such as: Oracle, Sybase, Informix, SQL Server, Butler SQL and FileMaker Pro. WebSTAR 1.3 from Quarterdeck Corporation is a popular Web server available on the Macintosh.

There are two components to Tango: the Tango Editor and the Tango Application Server. The Tango Editor is an application that allows Webmasters to develop dynamic Web sites in a drag-and-drop interface, the Tango Application Server is an application that executes the documents created in the editor. First developed as a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) application, the Tango Application Server now supports the new WebSTAR Server API (WSAPI), a faster, more efficient alternative to the Common Gateway Interface.

EveryWare will release the WebSTAR plug-in as part of the Tango 2.0 release, available August 30th. The plug-in will be available on-line as a free upgrade to current customers. New versions of Tango and Tango for FileMaker will support both APIs. EveryWare has also been working on the Netscape (NSAPI) and Microsoft (ISAPI) plug-in versions of their Application Server. These are expected to be released within the next couple of months.

EveryWare Development Corp. is committed to securing a leading position in the Intranet Rapid Application Development market by providing businesses with cross-platform development tools that dramatically reduce the development time of Web-based applications. The company supports multiple operating environments, including Apple Macintosh, Windows NT, Windows 95, and Sun Solaris.


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