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TDK Ships First 33.6kbps Cellular PC card for PowerBook


TDK Systems Tuesday announced the release of the DataVoice 3400APB V.34 data/fax/voice modem PC card for Macintosh PowerBooks.

This makes TDK Systems the first PC card manufacturer to ship an Apple PowerBook fax/modem with data transmission speeds of 33.6 kbps with DirectConnect cellular capabilities. PowerBook users can now benefit from faster data communications, reducing phone and on-line costs.

The DataVoice 3400 APB is a full-featured, ultra high-speed PCMCIA data/fax modem card that supports V.34 33,600 bit/sec. data, 14,400 bit/sec. send and receive fax, data compression and error correction. Users of the DataVoice 3400 APB can e-mail or fax from almost anywhere using cellular phone or land line connections.

With the optional cellular connection cable, the DataVoice 3400 APB directly connects to most popular cellular phones, including Motorola, for complete wireless connectivity. The DataVoice 3400 features MNP10EC Adverse Channel Enhancement protocol to maintain high performance regardless of interruptions common during cellular transmissions.

The DataVoice 3400, along with TDK's other high-speed PC cards, is another example of TDK's commitment to technology leadership. "The DataVoice 3400 is the first enhanced V.34, 33.6 kbps, PowerBook PC card fax/modem designed with DirectConnect cellular capabilities.

Enhanced V.34 provides users the fastest modem speed available. When coupled with our cellular line enhancement protocols, users can now transmit data more efficiently, without worrying about interruptions when switching cell sites," said John Huggins, general manager and vice president of TDK Systems.

Other features of the DataVoice 3400 APB include complete data/fax/voice communication software, support for Apple Remote Access, and digital line protection circuitry to guard against modem or phone system damage when accidentally connected to digital PBX networks.

Users can even create a personal voice mail system on their PowerBooks. With TDK's miniature headset, cable and communications software, the DataVoice 3400APB answers the phone, plays a greeting, records messages and stores them on the PowerBook's hard drive. The voice mail system also allows playback through built-in speakers included on the laptop.

"The DataVoice 3400 APB is the first PowerBook PC card of its kind. Users get the unsurpassed speed, features and reliability they depend on from TDK, at a price that clearly makes the product the high performance value leader," said Kurt Chismark, director of reseller channel sales at TDK Systems.

Suggested retail price is $399.


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