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TDK Systems' V.34 Data/Fax/Modem Receives Macintosh PowerBook Certificate


Tdk Systems, a leading manufacturer of PC Cards, has successfully received the Apple Macintosh PowerBook Certificate of Qualification for its DataVoice 3400 APB V.34 Data/Fax/Voice Modem PC Card.

The qualification enables TDK Systems to label the DataVoice 3400 APB PC Card packaging, collateral materials and promotional materials with Apple's "Macintosh PowerBook Qualified" emblem. Since products labeled with this emblem are endorsed by Apple, customers who purchase the DataVoice 3400 APB are assured complete compatibility with Macintosh PowerBooks, as well as hassle-free installation and operation.

The Macintosh PowerBook Qualified Program was founded to ensure better compatibility of PC Cards with Macintosh PowerBooks. Conducted by PowerLabs, an independent test facility in San Jose under the supervision of Apple, the program tests PC Cards on the PowerBook with integrated PC Card expansion slots and qualifies those that are compatible. Apple's reputation for integration and plug and play compatibility is extended to vendors who receive this qualification, and end users are assured ease of use with these products running on the Macintosh operating system platform.

"There are many products on the market that claim Macintosh PowerBook compatibility. But until the product has gone through Apple's Macintosh PowerBook Qualified Program it lacks the rigorous testing and full endorsement of Apple Computer," said John Huggins, General Manager and Vice President of TDK Systems. "TDK Systems is committed to assuring customers that its products are designed and tested to the highest standards and provide superior value. Our Apple Macintosh PowerBook Qualification on the DataVoice 3400 is a reflection of that commitment."

The qualifications which TDK has successfully met include: conformity to the Apple PCMCIA specification for the Mac OS; adherence to Apple's Human Interface guidelines for user interaction; compatibility with currently shipping Apple System Software and appropriate extensions; adherence to the electrical specification for the Macintosh PowerBook socket implementation; provision of hardware and software installation for Macintosh computers; and inclusion of Macintosh Installer and installation script or third party equivalent for products that must install drivers or other custom software components.

The DataVoice 3400 APB PC Card supports V.34 33,600 bit/sec. data, 14,400 bit/sec. send and receive fax, data compression and error correction. Users of the DataVoice 3400 APB can e-mail or fax from almost anywhere using cellular phone or land line connections. With the optional cellular connection cable, the DataVoice 3400 APB directly connects to most popular cellular phones, including Motorola flip phones, for complete wireless connectivity.

The DataVoice 3400 includes MNP10EC Adverse Channel Enhancement protocol for high performance during cellular transmissions. Additional features include complete data/fax/voice communication software, support for Apple(R) Remote Access(R), digital line protection circuitry to guard against modem or phone system damage when accidentally connected to digital PBX networks, and personal voice mail system capability. Suggested Retail Price for the DataVoice 3400 APB is $349.


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