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"Teach!" Multi-media Authoring for Educational Courseware, Surveys, & Presentations, Download here!


Those of you interested in using Macs for serious study in the classroom (or at home) may like to take a look at some software that has been worked on for a number of years.

The "Teach!" program is a multi-media authoring toolkit for creating and running educational courseware, surveys, and presentations on the Macintosh computer.

It distinguishes itself from similar packages in that the software is modeled on how we learn at school - it imitates familiar teaching methods and concepts such as classroom instructions, learning from textbooks, answering questions, doing exercises, tests and experiments, and taking part in discussions.

It should particularly appeal to those interested in using or making curriculum-grade educational courseware, but the program can also be used for general multi-media presentations. Designing your own courseware is straightforward (somewhat similar to using a drawing program), and does not involves anything difficult like a scripting or programmaing language.

Download a pre-release beta version. (Free registrations are available to those willing to do some beta testing.)


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