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Tektronix Slashes the Cost of Color Printing New Phaser 350 Cuts Price 30%


Tektronix,Inc. introduced the Phaser 350 color laser-class printer in a dramatic move to cut the cost of color printing. Not only is the Phaser 350 color printer half the price of competitive laser-class color printers, but it can print a full color page at half the cost of other color lasers-class printers.

In order to bring down the cost of printing for all types of documents, both monochrome and color, Tektronix will provide users with free black ink for the new Phaser 350 and the Phaser 350's predecessor, the successful Phaser 340. By giving away black ink to its customers, Tektronix has reduced cost per copy to 5 cents for typical color office documents -- the lowest cost per copy among competitive products. In comparison to a monochrome laser printer, the Phaser 350 can print a monochrome page for about half the cost of monochrome laser printers.

The Phaser 350 -- The Office Standard

The Phaser 350 is priced at $3,495, the lowest suggested retail price of any color laser-class printer on the market. Price has traditionally been a barrier to entry for color printing in corporate markets. With the new Phaser 350 color printer, office users can now afford color printing in their company, regardless if the company is small, medium or large.

"We believe that by providing free black ink, we are responding to our customers' requests for one printer that meets all their business printing needs -- both color and black and white," said Gerry Perkel, president of Tektronix' Color Printing and Imaging Division (CPID). "As a leader in workgroup color printing, we are focused on bringing quality, affordable color to the business market."

A critical printing factor for businesses is speed. The new 6 page per minute (ppm) fast color mode was created to enable business users to produce presentations, hand-outs, business graphics and internal communications as quickly as possible.

Dataquest reports that in 1995 Tektronix was the leader in the color laser market that includes the Phaser 340 color printer with 34.3 percent of the color laser market. In addition, according to Computer Intelligence InfoCorp's Storeboard's 1996 First Quarter Report, Tektronix is the market leader with 41 percent of the "color page" printer market, which includes the Phaser 340 and competing color lasers from Apple, Hewlett Packard and Lexmark.

"Tektronix has established itself as a leader in networked color printers through its many innovations and quality products," said David Strom, president of David Strom Inc., a Port Washington, NY, industry consultant. "The Phaser 350 makes quality color printing affordable for even small organizations."

Distributed Color Printing Gaining Acceptance in Offices

The Phaser 350 Color printer is designed for business environments where high capacities, speed and robustness are required. In today's network world, people increasingly are sharing information by distributing globally and printing locally. The distribute and print model is gaining wide acceptance in the office environment because of breakthrough products such as e-mail, Internet, and Adobe Systems' Acrobat(TM). Slow, time-consuming manual distribution of documents is being replaced by instant electronic distribution.

With the Phaser 350's low cost per copy, "mopies" (a concept that means the color printer makes multiple prints instead of printing first and then using a copier) is an economical advantage for office users. Printing is more reliable, flexible and faster than using copiers. Moreover, mopies are cost-effective and are easier and quicker to produce.

PhaserLink(TM) software is an innovative World Wide Web-based interface and software tool for networked color printer management and support. PhaserLink leverages the open standards of the Internet and World Wide Web to eliminate the need for separate, proprietary printer management tools.

The Phaser 350 color printer prints on any office papers or Tektronix transparencies, and provides rich and saturated print quality. Optional upgrades to the standard configuration provide access to collation and job pipelining, as well as a new CheckPrint(TM) feature.

CheckPrint pauses the printer after making the first print of a multiple print job. This is particularly useful when printing multiple copies of a very large file that may take several minutes to process before the first print is produced. The user can check the first print for acceptability before allowing the remainder to print.


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