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TeleFinder adds Server Parsed HTML, File Caching, and support for HTTP 1.1.


Spider Island is shipping TeleFinder 5.1, an update to its popular TeleFinder Internet and BBS server. TeleFinder 5.1 includes HTTP 1.1 persistent connections and IP conservative Virtual Hosting. A single TeleFinder server can support thousands of web sites with custom domain names, easy set up, and centralized management. TeleFinder v5.1 is also first Apple Macintosh server to ship built-in support for "Server Parsed HTML (SPML)." Web page authors can use SPML to create web pages that selectively adjust content based on the client's browser, computer platform, time of day, referring page and other factors. TeleFinder's new File Caching increases server performance by up to 400% when delivering either pages or images to browsers.

TeleFinder's BBS provides file transfer, chat and conferencing services, and free easy-to-use graphical client software for both Macintosh and Windows. The BBS supports TCP-IP and ISDN as well as LAN and modem connections. TeleFinder's E-Mail includes extremely robust implementations of POP3 and SMTP. These protocols support a wide variety of Internet client software programs, including Eudora and Claris Em@iler.

TeleFinder 5.1 is a free upgrade to purchasers of version 4.0 and 5.0, and $95 from prior versions. The retail price of $675 includes BBS, POP3 and Web Servers, 2 BBS lines. Free graphical client software for unlimited Mac, Windows BBS users comes with each package.


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