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Territory Manager 2.5 Sales Rep Do All Software


Software Solutions is now shipping Territory Manager 2.5., a major upgrade to its Macintosh software program for sales reps. Territory Manager 2.5 continues to separate itself from traditional contact management software by handling all aspects of a sale. In addition to a new native-Power Mac version, new features include a simpler short-menus mode that allows novice users to get up and running quickly, more custom fields, enhanced mailing functions and a variety of other improvements that help sales reps be even more effective.

According to Bob Wheeler, president of Software Solutions, &147;The concept for Territory Manager arose from decades of experience in sales and sales management, and new features are developed with input from a wide variety professional sales representatives across the U.S. Our goal is to provide a complete solution for the sales rep, which will keep him or her in front of the right prospect at the right time with the right product or service to close the sale.&148; Sales specific features include forecasting, sales and lead analysis, and project sales.

Sales Features
Forecasting: users can plan forecasts monthly or quarterly. Each report can be keyed to show changes from previous copies, so reports to management are simplified.
Sales Analyses: (pyramid, etc.) analyses are available including a &147;Pyramid&148; report, which graphically shows the sales rep how s/he is doing at prospecting.
Project Sales: most sales and contact management programs assume that the user is selling to a single person at a single company. In reality, the sales environment is often very complex with multiple decision makers and influencers from several different companies involved in a single purchase. Territory Manager&146;s Project Sales Module allows the user to keep track of all the details of a particular project, assign calls, to do&146;s, contacts and forecasts to the project, and even plan a course of action.
Links to GeoQuery: users of Territory Manager can now map their data directly in GeoQuery, the leading data mapping product for the Macintosh from GeoQuery Corp. Information on GeoQuery can be obtained by calling 1-708-357-0535.

New Features
Accelerated for Power Macintosh: Territory Manager 2.5 takes advantage of the speed afforded by native Power Mac code. In addition, 680X0 Macs will see speed improvements of up to 300%.
Short Menus: version 2.5 now offers short/full menu options. Users can begin with the fundamentals of the program (such as prospects/clients, sales calls, and letters) without being distracted by advanced features (such as analysis, project sales, and forecasts). All data that the user enters under short menus is readily available for analysis and use whenever the user is ready to take advantage of these advanced features.
New Reports: a variety of new reports provide improved ways to examine and report sales activities and new analyses help the user make better decisions about future sales activities.
Enhanced Mailing Features: new mailing features make it easy to select specific groups of prospects and export the data for use with a favorite word processor to do mass mailings. Address labels are automatically created for daily mailings.
Searchable On-line Help: in addition to context-sensitive help which is available at nearly every window in Territory Manager, users can now do an instantaneous keyword search for any Help topic or keyword in the entire Help database.
Forecast Analysis: the program assesses the accuracy of a user&146;s forecasts and will help him/her make better estimates for management or sales planning.
Niceties: possible duplicate contacts are flagged as they are entered. SmartSearch automatically fills in City and State based upon previously entered zip codes. New QuickFind features instantly locate contact records based on the first couple of characters of a name, company, phone or fax number, or zip code.

Territory Manager 2.5 has twelve new custom fields including text, number, date and check box fields which can be used to tailor the program as needed. In addition, Software Solutions provides professional customization services for more extensive changes.

You can download a demo of the software here.

Territory Manager 2.5 is priced at $295 for a single user and is available directly from Software Solutions as well as major retailers and distributors in the U.S. and Canada.