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Testtrack 1.0 Released, Download Demo here


Seapine Software has released a demo version of TestTrack 1.0. This version limits you to entering no more than 10 defects per bug database, but is otherwise fully functional (including multi-user access).

TestTrack is a bug tracking tool for Macintosh-based software and hardware development. TestTrack automates the tedious and error-prone process of tracking bugs and feature requests by hand. It also eliminates the need to create a custom solution using general purpose database tools such as 4DA and FileMaker Pro.

TestTrack links engineers, testers, managers, even tech writers together so no one falls out of the loop. Team members are notified automatically when defects are assigned to them, guaranteeing communication and ensuring efficient work flow.

TestTrack includes a powerful filtering feature to see only the information of interest to you. For example, create a filter to list only high-priority problems. Create another to list only feature requests for the next release.

Do you want to know who reported the most bugs, how many are still open, or how much time a user spent fixing bugs? This information and more is just a click or two away. How about a bug's history-who found, fixed, and verified it-all of the details are available.

TestTrack makes reporting easy too-just point, click, print and read. Customize reports to list what you want to see. Save reports in a variety of file formats.

TestTrack is ideal for all Macintosh developers-from consultants to commercial software and hardware developers.

Until December 31, 1996, TestTrack is priced at $99 for the first user, when ordered directly from Seapine. Additional user licences start at $89 each. TestTrack comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Download the TestTrack Demo.


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