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Tex-Edit Plus Turns 1.8

Tex-Edit Plus has been upgraded to version 1.8

The following new features have been added:

Tex-Edit Plus 1.8

  • Added ASCII popup menu to window frame.
  • Added ASCII popup to Find/Replace dialog.
  • Splash screen added. (Thank you Michael Rohde!)
  • Greatly improved Preferences dialog layout.
  • The text justification setting is saved within each document.
  • Editable "Smart Quotes" substitutions in the Preferences dialog.
  • New "Use Real Tabs" menu selection allows independent document tab activation.
  • Preferences switch allows activation/deactivation of Text Services.
  • Default justification is selectable in the Preferences dialog.
  • Improved main event loop (faster cursor updates, etc.)
  • Fixed bug in "Add CR" and "Block Format" command noted when entire line has no spaces.
  • Added "Find In Next File" command.
  • Added global "Find" command.
  • Added global "Replace" command.
  • Added a "Wild Run" character in the Find dialog as a variable length wildcard placeholder.
  • The "Find Again" command is always active.
  • Added "Save All" command.
  • Fixed update bug in character count display.
  • Convenient "Tab Options" dialog added.
  • Fixed error dialog noted during launch when Help menu has been deliberately snuffed.
  • No longer closes data fork when trying to open file which is in use by another application.
  • Fixed bug opening occasional SimpleText read-only document.
  • Added ability to open non-ttro SimpleText documents with pictures.
  • Added "Reset" button to Preferences dialog.
  • Added option to "Remember text selection" when document is saved.


You can download the shareware from:


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