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Textefx 2 and Gary's Effects For Mac


by David S. Josephson

SoftLogik Publishing announced that TextFX 2 and Gary's Effects for Macintosh are now available. TextFX 2 and Gary's Effects are extensions to PageStream 3.1, a new Macintosh desktop publishing package.

Textfx 2

TextFX adds to PageStream the ability to warp text inside of shapes and to bend it on curves. Text can be warped inside any of the 66 present shapes, or set on the 18 preset curve paths. Users may also draw their own shapes and curves. TextFX works only with PostScript fonts in the current version, and thus requires that Adobe Type Manager(TM) be installed.

TextFX is $50.

Gary's Effects

Gary's Effects is a collection of 12 effect filters for use with BME, a basic image processor included with PageStream 3.1 and available free >from the SoftLogik web page. Eight effects are included free with BME. The 12 new effects are: Average, Median, Maximum, Minimum, Equalize, Solarize, Threshold, Hue/Saturation, Gamma, Blur, Histogram, and Convolve. Convolve includes 20 presets.

Gary's Effects is $25.

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