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"The Palace" is Virtual World Chat shareware for Macintosh and Windows


Version 1.6.4 provides significantly improved stability and faster response time over slow net connections.The Palace is virtual world chat with real-time pictures and sounds. Users create a personal appearance ("avatar") by importing their own graphics or by selecting from a suitcase of prepared images included with the software. Authoring with the Palace is easy, and registered users can quickly create their own personal Palace on the Internet!

This functional demonstration copy of The Palace includes both the client and server software. It's a fat binary, so it runs optimally on both 68k or PPC.

Register the software for $25 US with your credit card by calling 1-800-PALACE2 (725-2232) from the United States or 1-619-537-2465 international. Registration allows customization of your avatar and unlocks the server software.

Download the latest Palace shareware


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