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Apple & Farallon Include Timbuktu Pro in QuickTime Conferencing


Apple Computer, Inc. and Farallon Communications, Inc. announced an agreement to include Farallon's Timbuktu Pro (Macintosh version 2.0) wth the next release of Apple's QuickTime Conferencing Kit. The two companies also announced plans to include Farallon's Look@Me applet and web browser plug-in with the next version of Apple's Internet Connection Kit. The Apple Internet Connection Kit and Apple's QuickTime Conferencing Kit with the Farallon proucts are expected to begin shipping later this year. The addition of Timbuktu Pro and Look@Me as components of these Apple solutions underscores Apple's commitmnt to a comprehensive Internet solutions strategy and Farallon's goal to promote the benefits of real-time collaboration and enhanced productivity across the Internet.

Farallon offers a suite of Internet/intranet collaboration tools inclding Timbuktu Pro and Look@Me. Timbuktu Pro, which includes the Apple Remote Access client, is a powerful communications tool that enables people to remotely and securely view, control and collaborate on documents and applications across the Internet and corporate intranets. It also provides instant messaging and file exchange capabilities on a peer-to-peer basis. Further, it is the only solution available on the market that incorporates patented, cross-platform screen-sharing technology for Mac OS and Windows-based computers.

Based on Farallon's award-winning Timbuktu Pro technology, Look@Me allows a Macintosh computer user to view the screen f another user in real-time across a corporate intranet or the Internet. All mouse movements and screen activity of the viewed user's computer are displayed simultaneously in a window on the other user's monitor, irrespective of both users' geographical locations.

Examples of the many uses of Timbuktu Pro and Look@Me include demonstrations, presentations, technical support and collaborative document preparation. For example, a medical secialist in Paris can view the on-screen charts of a patient in Chicago, or a marketing director in San Francisco can view and revise the graphics concepts of an advertising agency in New York.

"Farallon's Internet/intranet solutions are an excellent addition to both the QuickTime Conferencing Kit and the Apple Internet Connection Kit," said Larry Tesler, vice president of AppleNet, Apple's Internet deelopment group. "Our agreement with Farallon reflects Apple's intent to be a leader in providing integrated Internet access, robust multimedia conferencing capabilities and ease of use with the Macintosh platform."

Apple QuickTime Conferencing and Internet Connection Kits

The Apple QuickTime Conferencing Kit provides a videoconferencing and collaboration solution designed as the foundation for a broad range of Apple and third-party video and document conferencing solutions. With integrated technologies from Farallon and others, the kit allows personal computer users to share real-time information, images and sound anywhere in the world. The QuickTime Conferencing Kit, which includs pple's conferencing application, the QuickTime Conferencing extension, Timbuktu Pro and a color camera, is expected to be available later this year and can be ordered through Apple resellers. In addition, the Apple conferencing application and QuickTime Conferencing extension will also ship with every 7500, 7600 and 8500 Power Mac and is expected to be available on other Apple CPUs later this year.

With thousands of copies sold, Apple's Internet Connection Kit is an integrated collection of Apple and "best of class" third-party software that offers Macintosh users a quick and easy way to connect to the Internet. It provides all the necessary components to make a Macintosh computer ready for Internet connection; with one-button install for all key applications, automatic configuration of Internet application for the system, compatibility with other Internet tools, it is the perfect solution for users who want direct Internet access today. This will allow other third-party software developers to utilize Look@Me to provide technical support to their customers.

The Apple Internet Connection Kit with the Look@Me applet will be available as a standalone shrink-wrapped software application and bundled with most Macintosh computers, including Performa systems, later this year. The product includes more than a dozen other software applications and tools, including Netscape Navigator for the Macintosh, Claris Emailer Lite, Dartmouth Fetch, an FTP file transfer capability, the Apple Internet dialer and an Apple Guide to the Internet.

"Timbuktu Pro enhances the collaborative capabilities of Apple's solutions and helps deliver our vision of real-time,peer-to-peer collaboration to Internet and intranet users," said Steve Solomon, vice president and general manager of software products at Farallon.

The Look@Me applet is designed by Farallon to showcase an individual feature of its popular Timbuktu Pro communications software. Internet users can download the Look@Me free standalone applet and plug-in from Farallon's Web site:. Applet users who want a complete real-time collborative application can upgrade to the full- featured Timbuktu Pro (Macintosh version 2.0) product for US $99.95 for an electronic download or US $139.95 for a shrink-wrapped package with diskettes and documentation.


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