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New Timbuktu Pro for Mac 3.0 Adds Modem and Web Capabilities


Farallon Communications, Inc. announced the introduction of Timbuktu Pro for Macintosh 3.0 which seamlessly integrates point-to-point modem capabilities into a single, comprehensive remote control solution that meets the needs of both networked and non-networked Macintosh users alike. In addition to the point-to-point modem capabilities, the product was enhanced with new collaboration features, including a Timbuktu Pro Netscape plug-in, for Internet and Intranet users. Furthermore, Timbuktu Pro (Macintosh 3.0 edition) continues to provide superior remote control features integrated with the remote node functionality of the Apple Remote Access 2.1 client, the Macintosh standard. For a limited time, users upgrading or purchasing Timbuktu Pro for Macintosh 3.0, can receive a free copy of the Apple Remote Access Personal Server 2.1. With today's announcement, this complete "all-in-one" solution allows any Macintosh user to connect, communicate and collaborate with any other Macintosh user regardless of location.

Timbuktu Pro for Macintosh 3.0 contains all the functionality previously released in the Macintosh 2.0 edition, including LAN and ARA dial-up capabilities. The new version goes a step further by offering a free ARA Personal Server 2.1. Moreover, by integrating serial point-to-point capabilities, Timbuktu Pro for Macintosh 3.0 addresses the needs of a broader market which now includes non-networked users such as those currently using Timbuktu/Remote. As a result, Farallon has developed a complete software product that meets the remote access needs of virtually every Macintosh user.

Timbuktu Pro allows one computer user to observe and control other computers, as well as send and exchange files and messages with any other user on or off the network. The new serial point-to-point capabilities allow non-networked users to simply call another modem-equipped computer running Timbuktu Pro for Macintosh 3.0 to establish a direct connection to collaborate or communicate over regular phone or ISDN lines. The remote control and remote node capabilities enable networked users away from the office to connect to their corporate network and gain access to any other Timbuktu Pro-equipped computer, including Windows/PCs, on the network. Furthermore, users who wish to collaborate across the Internet can utilize Timbuktu Pro's Internet-savvy features to work together in real time.

"Our customers have demanded the benefits of both a network-based and a point-to-point-based solution," said Steve Solomon, vice president and general manager of software products at Farallon. "Rather than developing two separate products, we have combined the benefits of Timbuktu Pro for Macintosh 2.0 with Timbuktu/Remote to fulfill their needs in a single, comprehensive solution."

Timbuktu Pro is the ideal solution for small or home office users, mobile workers, help desk professionals, network administrators, educational institutions and people anxious to increase their productivity. In today's cost-conscious environment, businesses use tools like Timbuktu Pro to save time and money by providing help desk support and user training across the entire organization to workers in and out of the office. Many people use Timbuktu Pro because it allows them to transfer large files. Unlike e-mail, Timbuktu Pro enables users to transfer files intact, without size restrictions, and directly to another hard drive. Other people use Timbuktu Pro because it is the only solution that enables them to collaborate with others across Intranets, the Internet and mixed Mac/Windows-based environments via Timbuktu Pro's patented, cross-platform, screen-sharing capabilities.

New Features

Timbuktu Pro for Macintosh 3.0 includes several new and significant dial-up and Internet-savvy features including:

Dial Direct - Asynchronous point-to-point connections between two Macintosh computers not connected via any network provides more convenience for traveling and home users. This feature eliminates the need for a LAN-based connection or a centralized remote access server, allowing users to directly connect over regular phone or ISDN lines.

Modem Compatibility - Compatibility with virtually any Hayes-compatible 14.4K, 28.8K baud and/or ISDN modem including modems based on the PC Card architecture. These include Farallon's Netopia ISDN Modem and its EtherMac LAN/Modem PC Card. This allows Timbuktu Pro users to preserve their investment in modems already purchased and provides them with assurance for compatibility with most modems on the market today and into the foreseeable future.

ARA Personal Server 2.1 - A limited time offer for a free copy of the ARA Personal Server 2.1 to allow remote node dial-in access on their network.

Interactive Chat - Text-based conversations, enabling users to have full collaboration and communication capabilities even across a single telephone line.

Notify When Active - New communication service that alerts the user when another Timbuktu Pro user has become active on their Macintosh, making it easy to communicate and work with another user by eliminating phone tag and by facilitating real-time Timbuktu Pro sessions.

Ask For Permission - Feature allowing users to ask for permission to connect to another Timbuktu Pro user by effectively knocking on their computer to gain attended access. This eliminates the need for complicated set up and provides more flexibility to connect to other users.

Callback Security and Toll Saver - Dial-back security to prevent unauthorized access to Timbuktu Pro. The benefit is two-fold: it provides the user with peace of mind, ensuring that access is only gained by authorized Timbuktu Pro users, and it allows a user accessing a corporate computer to "reverse" the charges rather than incur the cost of the connection personally.

Apple Guide On-Line - An interactive and on-line source for locating information on specific topics and for learning how to use the Timbuktu Pro product, eliminating the need for thick manuals.

Timbuktu Pro Netscape Plug-In - Plug-in that enables users to create Web-based Timbuktu sessions through their familiar Web browser to connect, communicate, and collaborate with other Timbuktu Pro users over the Internet.

Direct Connection Via Serial Cable - Full Timbuktu Pro functionality available when two Macintosh computers are connected together via a serial cable, allowing users to dock their laptop computer to their desktop computer and transfer files between them.

Timbuktu Pro for Macintosh 3.0 is immediately available in the United States and Canada. The product is available in single, twin, 10-pack, 30-pack and 100-pack configurations. Street prices range from $139 for a single pack to $42 per user for a 100-pack, and includes the free ARA Personal Server 2.1 upon product registration for a limited time. Farallon also offers volume site licenses and educational discounts. Upgrades to the new product are available to registered users of Timbuktu Pro for Macintosh and Timbuktu/Remote directly from Farallon and MacWarehouse. Upgrades are $19.95 per node for Timbuktu Pro for Macintosh 2.0 users, who will also have the option to receive the ARA Personal Server or Doom II from idSoftware, Inc. for an additional $10 fee to cover shipping and handling. Upgrades/sidegrades are available to all other Timbuktu and ARA users (including Timbuktu/Remote and Timbuktu Pro for Windows) at $49.95 for a single pack and $99.90 for a twin pack, with a choice of either a free ARA Personal Server or Doom II. The ARA Personal Server and Doom II offers are limited to one per customer.


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