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"She's Tough, She's Sexy", She's Lara Croft in Eidos' Tomb Raider for the PC, PlayStation, and Saturn


Eidos Interactive announced the simultaneous release of Tomb Raider for the PC CD-ROM, Sony PlayStation, and Sega Saturn.

Tomb Raider is a state-of-the-art, third person perspective action-adventure game that takes place in a series of massive real-time 3D environments.

Within the realm of Tomb Raider, the gamer enters the mysterious and action-packed world of the infamous adventurer, Lara Croft, who sets out on a quest that will lead her from the Incan ruins of Peru to the Egyptian pyramids and beyond. It combines puzzle, action, and adventure game elements within 15 massive 3D levels accompanied by visually stunning, action-packed FMV sequences that provide valuable clues and information about the adventures that lie ahead.

According to Mike McGarvey, President and CEO of Eidos Interactive, Tomb Raider and the Lara Croft franchises could play an important role in the future of Eidos Interactive. "A unique idea, a great 3D gaming engine, and a strong character combine to make what some in the gaming industry are touting as the game of the year," added McGarvey.

To support this effort Eidos has launched a significant marketing campaing which includes TV and print advertisements.

What makes Tomb Raider so special?

Lara's character sprite contains over 2000 frames of animation allowing her to perform fluid and natural movements as she runs, jumps, climbs, swims, and flips her way through tunnels, ancient palaces and dungeons containing deadly traps and a barrage of deadly enemies. In addition, the true 3D environment and unique camera system create a gaming experience that lasts for hours.

"We are very excited about the simultaneous launch of Tomb Raider. Our goal is to appeal to all gamers of all three systems by combining the best of gaming elements in one package," added McGarvey.


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