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Wacky Multimedia Cartoon Adventure Includes ToonVision' 3-D Glasses


A new 3-D glasses trick offers kids ages 9-99 a unique gaming experience this holiday season. Stay Tooned, a wacky multimedia cartoon adventure bursting with over 30 action/arcade games, is packaged with exclusive ToonVision 3-D glasses. These state-of-the-art glasses allow players to view wild optical illusions and cool special effects in selected games.

Published by Sierra On-Line, Stay Tooned! stars zany cartoon characters who escape from their Saturday morning television shows and bring bedlam and mayhem into the real world. To bring life back to normal, players must hunt through dozens of crazy rooms in a "tooned-out" apartment building to find the missing remote control, and then, zap the toons back into TV land.

As players explore the apartment building, they encounter over 30 games ranging in a variety of styles such as arcade games, shoot-'em-ups and brain teasers. Games include "Kartoon Kombat," a wild spoof of Mortal Kombat; "Fridge Fight," a classic arcade-style game; and "The Quick and the Tooned," an Old West shoot-out. Players will also encounter a number of zany spoofs on today's pop culture such as "Whinefeld" and "Schlepardy."

The ToonVision 3-D glasses allow players to view true, 3-D imagery in selected games, including "D-Ding Dong," a 3-D ping pong game, and "Ham-a- Roids," an intergalactic shoot'em-up game.

The ChromaDepth(TM) lenses in these 3-D glasses are licensed from and manufactured by Chromatek Inc. Unlike the traditional red-and-blue filters, Stay Tooned! uses a highly sophisticated 3-D image method to allow players viewing without the glasses to see the same images in crisp 2-D without any distortion.

Players can explore over 50 different worlds, ranging from the prehistoric era to outer space, in the apartment building. The building rearranges itself each time a new game is launched, making each adventure unique and providing unlimited game play.

Stay Tooned! is immediately available in a Windows/Macintosh CD-ROM format at most major computer, software, and mass-merchant chains nationwide for approximately $40


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