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Totally Hip Announces the Release of Sizzler 1.0 Stream-based Multimedia Player, Download Plug-in Here


Totally Hip Software Inc. announced the release of Sizzler 1.0 multimedia player with sound support. Sizzler 1.0 is a stream-based multimedia player that allows users to play live, real-time interactive animation and sound with Netscape Navigator 2.X or higher, Apple's Cyberdog and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 Web browsers. Sizzler 1.0 also ships with a conversion tool that allows Web page designers to convert multimedia files to the Sizzler format in order to incorporate animation and sound into their Internet or Intranet Web pages.

"With over a million users, Sizzler has become a very popular player and conversion tool for Web surfers and Web page designers alike," said Randall McCallum, chief executive officer of Totally Hip Software Inc. "The release of Sizzler 1.0 with sound support allows users to create sound enable multimedia driven Web sites. We will continue to enhance Sizzler's feature set, such as adding more interactivity in new versions of the product, making it one of the most versatile tools on the market."

"Multimedia is the Internet wave of the future, and Sizzler with its streaming capabilities and sound support, brings users closer to realizing true multimedia on the Web," said Steven Blackwell, president and chief executive officer of Management Counseling Services. "Sizzler's easy to use converter tool is ideal for users who want to create attention-grabbing Web sites but are not professional programmers."

Sizzler 1.0 Features:

Sizzler, available for Macintosh 68k, PowerPC and Windows 95, NT, contains the following features:

- Provides users with an all in one plug-in/media player.

- Stream-based animation: Streaming is the process of slicing data into sequenced readable pieces so that the animation starts to play immediately.

As a result, Sizzler allows users to see the animation as it downloads as opposed to other 'store, forward and play' technologies that force users to wait for the entire file to download before it starts playing. Users can convert files to a number of different Sizzler formats including Sizzler JAVA Applet, Sizzler ActiveX control and Sizzler Live Object for OpenDoc.

- Users can add the sound with the ability to filter in at various points of the download, middle, end, in a certain cel.

- Audio files do not interrupt the animation.

- Sound file is embedded right into the sprite file, allowing for easy maintenance of Web sites.

Platform Support

1. Sizzler for Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Windows NT:

- Sizzler sound supports standard Windows WAVE sound files.

- Sizzler animation file formats currently support the conversion of AVI and Windows Bitmaps.

2. Sizzler for Macintosh 68K and Macintosh PowerPC:

- Sizzler sound supports standard sound files.

- Sizzler animation file formats currently support the conversion of QuickTime movies and PICS files.

3. Sizzler JAVA Applet

- Sizzler also supports JAVA with the Sizzler JAVA animation applet.

Sizzler 1.0 is available for free download.


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