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Transparent Language Wordace! Foreign Language Dictionary & Verb Conjugator


Transparent Language, Inc. announced WordAce!, a comprehensive electronic foreign language dictionary and learning tool.

WordAce! provides over 100,000 word meanings and translations, pronunciation of more than 40,000 words and more than 500,000 verb conjugations for each of five languages paired with English - Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian. In addition, a multi-language package and other bilingual packages including European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian are available.

"WordAce! provides two essential reference tools that everyone interested in languages needs -- a bilingual translation dictionary and a comprehensive verb book -- on one CD-ROM," said Michael Quinlan, president of Transparent Language. "Beginner and advanced foreign language students, as well as international Web users and others, now have invaluable access to word meanings and verb conjugations with the click of a mouse."

WordAce! users can quickly and easily obtain translations and related words in any WordAce! supported language. Its extensive dictionary database provides word-by-word translations of a wide variety of electronic materials, including e-mail messages, Web pages and word processing documents.

WordAce! provides complete verb conjugations. Through a combination of easy-to-read tables and extensive verb help for each tense, WordAce! allows users to identify the correct verb form for any situation without the need to reference cumbersome printed sources. Once users enter the verb, WordAce automatically lists the conjugations for all tenses.

WordAce! provides native pronunciation of more than 40,000 words in each supported language. Users can practice their own pronunciation and compare it to the native speaker's. The program incorporates two games designed to simulate creative language learning. The Verb Game encourages users to test their conjugation skills. The Synonym Game asks users to translate words from their native language into equivalent or similar words in a foreign language.

How WordAce! Works

Users may copy words using the clipboard from word processing programs, e-mail systems and Internet Web browsers, and paste them into WordAce! for instant translation. Similarly, users can paste conjugated verbs and translations from WordAce! into other documents.

For added convenience, users can recall previously viewed words instantly from a custom word history list. They can look up words they do not know how to spell simply by typing an approximation and choosing from a list of possible selections.

WordAce! is available in several bilingual combinations, each paired with English. Bilingual versions with sound are available in Spanish, German, Russian, French or Italian and have a suggested target U.S. street price of $29 to $39. A multilingual package without sound has a U.S. street price of $45 to $49 and includes five languages - Spanish, French, German, Italian and English. Bilingual versions without sound include European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian and have a target US street price of $29 to $39.

All versions of WordAce! are available immediately, directly from Transparent Language, and through leading computer software retailers such as CompUSA. WordAce! is available on hybrid CD-ROM or diskette for Windows and Macintosh systems.


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