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Truevision Extends Support of QuickTime Universal JPEG File Format to TARGA Line


Truevision announced it is extending its support of the Universal JPEG file format in the next release of TARGA software, version 2.0. The Universal JPEG file format feature was included as part of Apple's QuickTime version 2.5 released this past summer and allows greater interoperability of files created by video capture cards.

Version 2.0 of Truevision's TARGA software is scheduled to ship in November and will be available for free download to registered TARGA users . Truevision's BRAVADO 1000 for Macintosh was the first digital video card to support this industry standard when it was released in August 1996.

The new release of the TARGA software version 2.0 allows digital video professionals to export and import their content to and from a broader selection of hardware options. Universal JPEG support means Motion-JPEG (M-JPEG) video files may be edited and played back regardless of the hardware used to capture the media and eliminates incompatibilities between M-JPEG files created with different hardware codecs.

"Almost two years ago, Truevision made the first step toward true interoperability with the release of TARGA 2000 and its support for Radius VideoVision Studio's file format," said Didier Bredy, Truevision's vice president of marketing. "Even though many vendors label their solutions as `open system', we are the only company offering full support for the Universal JPEG file format across our line, which means greater flexibility and improved productivity for content creators."

Details of the new interchangeable M-JPEG file format have been set forth through the QuickTime Open Forum working group which includes leading digital video solutions vendors such as Adobe, Apple, Avid, Macromedia and Truevision.

"As a pioneer in high-end, broadcast quality QuickTime digital video solutions, Truevision's strong support for the Universal JPEG format within QuickTime insures its wide acceptance in the professional video and broadcast community," said Jonathan Knowles, senior product manager for QuickTime. "Apple is committed to providing our digital video solution partners with the very best enabling technologies as we continue to take QuickTime from the desktop to the edit suite."


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