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Attachmate allows Windows 95, NT and Mac users to Utilize PCI for Host Access


Attachmate Corp. today announced the IRMA 3270 PCI Adapter, the industry's first true plug-and-play mainframe adapter solution that supports 3270 terminal connectivity through the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI).

The product provides plug-and-play connectivity between PCI-based PCs and IBM mainframes. The IRMA 3270 PCI Adapter is the only 3270 PCI adapter that supports Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT. A PCI adapter is also available for Apple PowerMac users, the MacIRMA 3270 PCI Adapter.

"By providing PCI connectivity from Windows 95 PCs to IBM mainframes, Attachmate allowed us to take full advantage of the plug-and-play capabilities that made Windows 95 so attractive in the first place," said Ed Markowitz, vice president of event services at Computer Associates International, Inc. "As PCI quickly becomes the predominant bus standard, Attachmate's support of the interface is further evidence of their commitment to providing powerful solutions that meet the real-life needs of customers like me."

PCI is a new bus architecture developed and utilized by both PC-compatible and Apple manufacturers. PCI is quickly becoming the de facto bus standard for new PCs and add-on peripheral components. The IRMA 3270 PCI Adapter takes full advantage of PCI's inherent Windows 95 and Windows NT plug-and-play capabilities. Unlike other vendors' ISA adapter offerings, Attachmate's IRMA 3270 PCI Adapter is the first adapter on the market to offer true plug-and-play configurability for PC-to-mainframe connectivity.


Other key features of the IRMA 3270 PCI Adapter include:

-- Support of both coax and twisted-pair cabling

-- Plug-and-play configurability

-- Plug-and-play BIOS compatibility

-- PCI bus compliant hardware (target mode)

-- RAM-based for easy software upgrade

-- Maximum performance through PCI bus enhancements

-- PCI bus 2.1 compliant hardware

-- Support for both Apple's PowerMac and Intel's Pentium X86 PCI architectures.

The IRMA 3270 PCI Adapter standalone product carries a US suggested retail price of $695, and the bundle carries a US suggested retail price of $1,095. The product is available from Attachmate resellers, retailers and VAR's, as well as through the Attachmate sales organization.


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