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UMAX Computer Corp. Extends SuperMac Line with 200 MHz Dual-Processor System


UMAX Computer Corp. today introduced the SuperMac S900DP/200, a fully Mac OS compatible dual-processor system for graphics and desktop publishing professionals.

Based on the company's popular S900 family, the S900DP/200 combines two 200 MHz 604e PowerPC microprocessors in a single system using UMAX' unique Advanced Scaleable Processor Design (A.S.P.D.). The S900DP/200 is available now for an estimated street price of $4,795.

Unlike other dual-processing systems which put two processors onto a single motherboard, UMAX' S900DP/200 is the first Mac OS-compatible system to implement the primary processor on a main CPU card and the second processor on another board that plugs into an additional slot inside the computer.

All SuperMac S900-class systems, first introduced in June, 1996, have been built using this two-slot architecture, giving existing customers the flexibility to upgrade to dual-processing.

Additionally, the primary processor on all S900 models is implemented on a user-replaceable daughtercard, allowing customers to further upgrade their system with faster processors as they become available.

"UMAX' A.S.P.D. design is a revolutionary approach to multiprocessing in the Macintosh market," said Andy Chang, senior vice president of worldwide sales for UMAX Computer Corp. "With the addition of the S900DP/200, UMAX gives customers the choice of either having the fastest available dual-processor Mac OS-compatible system out of the box or adding that capability at a later date. Such flexibility means that our customers will be able to upgrade their system to match their individual computing needs as they change or grow."

Secondary Processor Cards

For S900 customers who wish to add a second processor to their existing system, UMAX has just introduced secondary processor cards with either a 200 MHz or a 180 MHz PowerPC 604e processor. Estimated street pricing is $995 for a 200 MHz version and $795 for the 180 MHz version.

Dual-processor systems increase the overall performance of compute intensive applications such as Adobe Systems' Photoshop by splitting the work between two processors running concurrently. The result is a faster system that allows users to be more productive.

Software coded specifically for multiprocessing will see up to an 80 percent increase in speed. The following software programs have multiple-processor versions available now or anticipated shortly:


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Deneba Canvas
  • BeInfinite Infinite FX/1
  • Leaf Catch Light Digital Camera
  • Emerson Kennedy PowerTap
  • Kodak Color Processor
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Strata Studio Pro Blitz
  • MetroWerks Code Warrior
  • TrueVision M-JPEG Codec (TARGA 2000)
  • Apple Cinepac -- Adobe Premiere
  • Apple QuickTime
  • Apple QuickDraw 3D

    Standard Features

    The SuperMac S900DP/200 has a 512K level 2 cache, 32 MB of interleaved RAM with a maximum main memory capacity of 1Gigabyte utilizing 8 DIMM slots, 4 MB of VRAM on a 128-bit IMS graphics accelerator, 8X speed CD-ROM, 2.1 GB of 7200 rpm SCSI hard disk, 1.4 MB floppy drive, 6 PCI card slots, and 5 drive bays for adding storage or other internal SCSI peripherals.

    The S900DP/200 also ships with 10Base-T and the Apple AAUI Ethernet connectors standard. Integral Fast SCSI-2 internal and standard SCSI external is included, along with two serial ports and two Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) interconnects for a keyboard and another ADB device. The system also features a 16-bit stereo audio accessed by either a front or rear audio jack.

    The S900DP/200's software bundle includes (1): C&G Conflict Catcher; Asante Net Doubler; Power FPU and MicroMat Techtool Pro; FWB CD-ROM Tool kit and FWB Hard Drive Tool kit.

    E100 Extended Performance Card

    All SuperMac S900 computers support the E100 Extended Performance Card, an optional feature card that delivers Ultra-Wide SCSI support, providing 16-bit wide data transfer at a rate of up to 40 MB/second for fast access to large files and support for 100 Base-T networking, delivering a significant increase in performance over today's ubiquitous 10 Base-T Ethernet networks.

    While maintaining compatibility with 10Base-T networks, users could implement 100Base-T networking to connect engineering or graphics design workgroups for rapid transfer of large files between workstations. The E100 Extended Performance Card is available now for an estimated street price of $495.

    The SuperMac S900DP/200 sells for an estimated street price of $4,795 and will ship in volume beginning in December and is backed by a one year parts and on-site labor warranty.


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