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UMAX Introduces 240 MHz Mac OS Compatible & New Pricing on Entry Level Systems


UMAX Computer Corp. established a first in system price/performance with the introduction of its SuperMac C600/240 mini-tower, a 240 MHz Mac OS-compatible system designed for Small Office, Home Office (SoHo) customers.

The C600 uses an industry-leading 240 MHz PowerPC 603e processor to provide workstation performance for $2295, less than the price of many high end personal computers that offer substantially less processing power.

Small business and home office users typically need one system that can perform a variety of jobs, from simple word processing to compute-intensive applications such as graphics design. In the past, users with limited budgets often had to weigh performance considerations against the cost of the system and frequently were forced to choose less than optimal solutions.

"Small Office, Home Office users need an easy-to-use system that can perform any task without spending the money for a workstation," said Andy Chang, senior vice president of worldwide sales for UMAX Computer Corp. "UMAX' C600/240 combines the natural performance advantages of the PowerPC with the advanced features and ease of use of the Mac OS in a system that is less expensive than a comparable Wintel machine."

The C600/240 is the latest addition to UMAX' SuperMac C600 family that was introduced at Macworld Boston in August of this year. Like the rest of the SuperMac family, the new system implements the primary processor on a user-replaceable card to allow customers to upgrade to PowerPC processors with faster clock speeds as they become available.

"The newest SuperMac systems take advantage of the fast, industry-leading PowerPC 603e microprocessor technology," noted Phil Pompa, director of marketing for Motorola's RISC Microprocessor Division. "UMAX Computer Corp. is providing market-leading systems and a price/performance advantage for customers."

"UMAX Computer Corporation has once again demonstrated their ability to bring innovative products to market at leadership prices," said John C. Gleason, vice president and general manager of worldwide marketing and sales for IBM Microelectronics. "The PowerPC 603e-240 sets a new high-water mark in price/performance, and IBM is pleased that UMAX has taken advantage of the PowerPC 603e-240 to deliver workstation-class performance at such an affordable price."

Standard Features and Availability

The SuperMac C600/240 is designed as a full-featured machine in a mini-tower system enclosure that includes 24 MB of RAM standard (expandable to 144 MB), 256K of level 2 cache (upgradeable to 512K or 1MB), 1MB of video memory on the motherboard, an 8X SCSI CD-ROM drive, 28.8 bps fax/data modem, 2.1 GB IDE hard drive, 1.44 MB floppy drive, and a generous software package to enhance the productivity of SoHo users. The system also features three 3 PCI card slots, one comm slot for the internal modem or connection to an external device, and four available drive bays for adding storage or other internal SCSI peripherals.

All of UMAX' SuperMac C600 systems and the C500 system include 16-bit (audio CD quality) stereo sound and feature Sound Retrieval System 3D sound enhancement technology from SRS Labs that provides a built-in subwoofer for unparalleled multimedia audio realism.

The C600/240 also has Internal and External Fast SCSI-2, along with two serial ports and one external Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) interconnect. The C600 is bundled with the following software:

-- An applications suite including ClarisWorks, Now Up-to-Date & Contact, Now Utilities, Intuit Quicken, Cypress Research MegaPhone, and Send/Receive FAX Software.

-- The Internet connectivity package EarthLink Network Total Access and Adobe Pagemill Web authoring tool.

-- Education and entertainment software including 3D Talking Globe, The Cities Below, and Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia.

-- Systems and diagnostics software including Casady & Greene Conflict Catcher, FWB CD-ROM Tool Kit, FWB Hard Disk Tool Kit (personal edition), Micromat TechTool Pro, Power FPU, and Mac OS 7.5.5.

The system will be available in stores on Oct. 21, 1996.

Re-Priced C600 and C500

Pricing has been lowered on previously announced C600 and C500 desktop systems, with new estimated street pricing as follows:

-- The SuperMac C600/200 with a 200 MHz PowerPC 603e CPU is now $1,995.

-- The SuperMac C600/180 with a 180 MHz PowerPC 603e CPU is now $1,695.

-- The SuperMac C500/160 with a 160 MHz PowerPC 603e CPU is now $1,349. (For a limited time, a $50 factory rebate is being offered with this system, effectively lowering the price to $1,299.)


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