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U.S. Bank Offers Mac Users On-Line Banking - for Free


Consumers now have easier access to powerful tools for improving personal financial management with pn-line banking, the newest player is offering free UBANK software, ON-Line Banking from U.S. Bank.

One of the first three banks in the country to provide on-line banking through personal finance software, U.S. Bank now is offering UBANK ON-Line Banking free. Because of a standard free trial, customers who sign up beginning today will benefit from free UBANK ON-Line Banking immediately. Current customers will enjoy free service beginning January 1, 1997.

"Because 88% of UBANK ON-Line customers surveyed said they plan to continue handling their finances on-line, we know that our customers feel on-line banking has revolutionized their financial lives by giving them more control," said Linda Parker, U.S. Bank's senior vice president and manager of Emerging Delivery Services. "Simplifying customers' financial lives is one of U.S. Bank's priorities so we want to make this value-added service available and appealing to a wider range of consumers."

Consumers new to personal finance software can receive free Quicken Starter Edition, for Windows or Macintosh, or Microsoft Money 97 Home Banking Edition.

UBANK ON-Line Banking provides consumers access to their checking, savings, credit card, money market and credit line accounts day or night via their computer. UBANK ON-Line works through Quicken and Microsoft Money, the world's leading personal finance software products.

UBANK ON-Line Banking also allows consumers to electronically download information from their U.S. Bank accounts directly into their personal finance software -- eliminating the need for manually entering transaction data. Users also can transfer funds between accounts and communicate with U.S. Bank through electronic mail. Utilized by two-thirds of U.S. Bank's on-line banking customers, UBANK ON-Line Bill Pay allows customers to pay up to 20 bills on line each month for $4.95, with additional payments for nominal charges. Bill payments during the initial 30-day trial are free.

To take advantage of UBANK ON-Line Banking, customers need a U.S. Bank checking account, a UBANK card, an Apple Macintosh computer and a modem. Customers may visit any U.S. Bank branch or call 800-422-8762 to sign-up for the service. "U.S. Bank has a special UBANK ON-Line customer service team dedicated to the needs of our on-line customers," Parker said. "Throughout the process, from sign-up to installation and ongoing support, U.S. Bank is just a toll-free call away."


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