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Virtual User Group Meeting Held Via Satellite And Internet


The UGC's annual User Group TV broadcast was held (11/14), via satellite and internet.

This "virtual User Group meeting" from an "Apple garage" set in Cupertino featured product managers from several Apple departments and third parties showing off and answering live questions from the live studio audience, online audience, and phone-in callers about products, including:

- Adobe with latest PageMaker, PageMill - Apple's Internet Strategy (nearly half an hour on this, including a video) - Apple Information Appliances division with Apple MessagePad 2000, eMate 300 - A sneak preview of the new Apple Assist web site from Apple Support - An update on Apple's Performa line from its Consumer Division - A preview of a new Apple contest: if you don't like Apple's ads, go out and create some of your own! - lots more fun

Satellite reception info (big-dish only, C and Ku band, not the DirecTV little dish kind) is on the web site.

Registered live viewing sites are listed on the web site (many User Groups also will show the tape at their regular december meetings via videotape, or make the tape available in their libraries).

An AOL simulchat will be at keyword UGF (the User Group Forum).

The IRC simulchat will be on server, port 6667, channel #BMUG.

In-person attendees and callers and online participants were eligible to win prizes from the participating vendors.

It was also carried on Apple's internal videoconference network.

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