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U.S. Robotics Licenses Power GOO, to be Bundled with Bigpicture Video Kit


MetaTools, Inc. announced that U.S. Robotics, one of the world's leading suppliers of products and systems that provide access to information, has licensed Kai's Power GOO SE, an original equipment manufacturers (OEM) version of Kai's Power GOO to ship with the Bigpicture Video Kit, part of a new product line designed to bring advanced video conferencing systems to home computers. The Bigpicture Video Kit allows consumers to participate in live two-way video communications and exchange video e-mail over the Internet, and with Kai's Power GOO SE, MetaTools award-winning creative entertainment consumer product, twist home video footage into funny images and edit videos into real mini-movies.

Kai's Power GOO, the hit funware title for consumers, features an interface that is designed to encourage exploration and creativity through direct, intuitive, real time interaction with pictures. GOObies (those who just GOO it) can smudge, nudge, smear, move, grow, shrink, smooth and mirror the image, changing it in real time before their eyes. Progressive transformations of GOOed images can be easily made into real-time animation which transform the original still image into comical, movie-like GOOvie sequences.

"MetaTools is very excited to be working with U.S. Robotics, a first tier player in digital video. Through this relationship, we will continue to broaden the appeal and reach of Kai's Power GOO, the award winning creative entertainment funware by introducing it to the ever growing video conferencing marketplace," commented Fred Brown, senior vice president of sales and marketing at MetaTools.

"The Bigpicture product line offers consumers a fun and affordable way to experience two-way video communications," said Neil Clemmons, Vice President of Marketing for U.S. Robotics' Personal Communications Division. "Adding Kai's Power GOO Special Edition to the Bigpicture Video Kit creates a package that helps people interact with their computers and the Internet in new and exciting ways."


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