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Venture Capital World on the WWW


Investors and entrepreneurs, the world is yours for the taking! Venture Capital World AB of Gothenburg has developed a worldwide marketplace on the Internet.

Venture Capital World on-line provides a direct database link between investors searching for opportunities and entrepreneurs in need of venture capital. VCW is the most powerful database tool for locating and contacting the people, opportunities and capital necessary for success.

This searchable database was launched onto the Internet on May 27, 1996, and has already received worldwide recognition for its ability to help venture capitalists meet their financial goals.

Listed in the leading search engines and most popular directories worldwide, VCW marketplace is already attracting well over 100 visitors a day -- investors and entrepreneurs alike, who are realizing the power of Internet communications for forming positive business relationships.

Altogether, there are 62 projects from 19 countries worldwide registered to do business in this on-line world of venture capital.

Representing a wide spectrum of business areas, the project owners involved in Venture Capital World each have a different financial requirement that must be fulfilled -- from the small, private entrepreneur with a capital request for $30,000 (U.S.) to growth- oriented governments with requests surpassing $10 billion (U.S.).

Countries currently represented in VCW projects include the United States, Brazil, Mexico, China, Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


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