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True Software H.324 Video Conferencing for Regular Telephone Lines


Smith Micro Software, Inc. is showing its new H.324 compatible video conferencing technology at the TeleCon XVI trade show held in Anaheim, California. The new H.324 technology is being demonstrated Tuesday, October 29 through Thursday, October 31, at the trade show.

Smith Micro has been developing new video conferencing technology based on the ITU H.324 standard and participating in the testing sessions conducted by the International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium, Inc. (IMTC) over the past several months. The IMTC has brought together for interoperability testing several video conferencing, communications and desktop computing vendors whose video conferencing products use the H.324 standard to operate over POTS (Plain Old Telephone System). Smith Micro will use the results of these testing sessions to more fully integrate the interoperability capability of the H.324 technology into its future video conferencing products.

"We believe that Smith Micro's leading role in the IMTC testing will give us a real edge in assuring our customers of reliable communications no matter who they connect with," said Dan Budge, General Manager of Smith Micro's Video Products Division. "It should help us achieve a level of dependability and performance that translates into hours of carefree video conferencing for the consumer."

The H.324 technology provides fluid video at an average of 12-17 frames per second while transmitting 10% more image size than the previous versions (the H.324 technology supports 176x144 pixels vs. 160x120 pixels). Additionally, the H.324 technology can provide a complete software-only, full- duplex video conference on a minimal of 90MHz Pentium CPU.

The H.324 technology has been designed to be flexible in its use. "The H.324 technology can include built-in software codecs for video and audio compression, not requiring special hardware. This is particularly useful when using the product on a laptop computer," said Robert Caggiano, Smith Micro's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "It will also take advantage of hardware audio acceleration from video hardware technology suppliers such as Rockwell, MediaSonic, Analog Devices, Zoran, and others," he continues.

The H.324 technology supports video capture cards, analog cameras, and digital parallel port cameras. The H.324 technology supports synchronous V.80 modems.

The future video conferencing products developed by Smith Micro utilizing the H.324 technology will be designed to be used by the consumer at home as well as in the office. The company expects that the H.324 video conferencing technology will be integrated into a new version of AudioVision(TM), its retail video conferencing application and VideoLink(TM), its OEM video conferencing application. Both products would stress performance, flexibility, and simplicity in a package that includes crisp clear video and telephone quality full-duplex audio.


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