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Survey Shows Consumers Want Video Game Machines With TV


Impulse Research, an independent research firm based in Los Angeles, released survey results Tuesday revealing that video game fans want Internet access through their gaming consoles.

The findings come on the heels of Sega's launch of the Sega Saturn Net Link, a $199 modem that plugs into the Sega Saturn video game console allowing complete access to the Internet displayed on a TV. On-line games will be available in early 1997.


Survey findings:

  • 61 percent of video game players want to access the Internet and play on-line games on their
    video game consoles.
  • Women are more interested in playing on-line video games than men (59 percent of women who
    play console video games want to play games on-line, compared with 49 percent of men).
  • 61 percent of video game players would pay $200 for Internet access on their video game console.


  • "I wouldn't have to buy a computer."
  • "Cheaper than using a PC."
  • "Would save a lot of time and it's a bigger screen."


Survey data:

  • All respondents are video game console owners and players.
  • Males 13-24: 25 percent
  • Males 25-34: 25 percent
  • Females 13-24: 26 percent
  • Females 25-34: 24 percent


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