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Starlight Networks Announces Plans to Develop Integrated Video Module For Informix-universal Server


Starlight Networks announced plans to develop plug-in video capability for the INFORMIX-Universal Server. Called the StarWorks DataBlade module, this software will add high-performance streaming media capabilities (real-time access to broadcast quality video and sound) to the powerful object and extensibility characteristics of INFORMIX- Universal Server. This will enable customers to manage video content and delivery from multiple sources within their Intranet, in an integrated total solution.

"Real-time video has joined the ranks of text and graphics as a common data type on the network," said Tanya Candia, Vice President of Marketing, Starlight Networks. "By working with Informix on the design of the StarWorks DataBlade module, we will be able to combine our experience in the management and control of rich streaming data types, and the Informix strengths in open database management solutions. The StarWorks DataBlade module will be of immense benefit in the cataloging, indexing, storing and retrieving of video content from multiple sources on the Intranet. We are excited about the prospect of offering customers a total solution for delivering and managing video and other complex assets."

A DataBlade is a software component that extends the relational database to manage new kinds of data. The StarWorks DataBlade module adds domain-specific expertise and key functionality required for native support of rich streaming data types, including video and audio. The StarWorks DataBlade module plugs in directly to the database, making the newly defined types and functions first-class citizens in the database. With this new functionality, users can easily manage rich multimedia content in business-critical applications like process support, corporate communication, and collaborative computing.

"We are excited about working with Starlight Networks in the development of a video streaming DataBlade module for INFORMIX- Universal Server," said Dave Cope, General Manager, DataBlade Business Unit, Informix. "As the leader in the guaranteed delivery of streaming data types across corporate Intranets, Starlight is a strategic partner in the DataBlade Developers Program. Coupled with the Informix advantage in innovative, open database technology, the StarWorks DataBlade module will be an important addition to the solution set provided by the Universal Server."

Starlight's StarWorks family of products offers an open architecture and standards-based approach provides high resolution video and audio streams to hundreds of simultaneous users on the LAN with no disruption to other traffic or applications. With guaranteed delivery and recording of streams at up to 200 Mbps, StarWorks supports corporate Intranets in the control and management of video, audio and other data types. StarWorks provides stream-specific management and controls, allowing streaming media to co-exist safely with traditional applications on corporate servers and networks. Client software, for Windows95, Windows 3.1, Macintoshes and UNIX systems, delivers streams through standard browser plug-ins and helper applications for Netscape and Explorer.


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