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Virex Update Available Here

From the Datawatch page.

Protection from Costly Virus Damage U.S. corporations spent an estimated $2.7 billion in 1994 for lost productivity and file reconstruction to recover from the devastating effects of computer virus attacks, according to a recent National Computer Security Association study.

Virex with SpeedScan proactively protects your data from viruses - saving you valuable time and money. It ensures safe computing without interrupting your work. Virex eliminates viruses, repairs infected files and protects your system from future virus damage.

Lightning Speed Plus Complete Security

Virex with SpeedScan is the highest rated antivirus software because it's the fastest, most accurate protection ever.

Virex with SpeedScan:

Is the only product Macworld Magazine found that protects against every Macintosh virus and Trojan Horse. Works even faster with native Power Macintosh support. Can be instantly updated to fight new viruses. Works with Virex Administrator to provide the only comprehensive Macintosh network protection available.

Proactive Protection:

Quickly scans diskettes to prevent viruses from infecting your hard drive. Instantly scans files as you use them to detect viruses before they cause damage. Protects you from unknown viruses.

Automatic Scanning:

Automatically scans downloaded files and files compressed by programs such as StuffIt from Aladdin Systems, Compact Pro from Cyclos and all driver level compression programs. Scheduling feature lets you automatically scan specified folders and volumes at startup, shutdown or on a schedule that is convenient to you.

Reliable Repair and Recovery:

One click repair. Repairs infected files by removing viral code and restoring file to pre-infected state. Other products require you to load and run an additional application to perform repairs. Instant repair capability. Automatically repairs infected files as it encounters viruses - or you can backup or replace infected files at your convenience.

Compatible with Your Present Software:

Optimized for compatibility with your applications, system extensions and control panels. Compatible with all installers, so your protection is never interrupted.

Easy to Install:

Simple point and click operation. Virex Installer scans for viruses and installs Virex. Once Virex is installed, your Macintosh is virus free and protected.

Fights New Viruses:

Download virus updates and use Virex's exclusive Drag and Drop Update feature to instantly eliminate new viruses and to repair damaged files. Updates available on diskette, either individually or automatically as part of the comprehensive Virex Protection Service.

Complete Protection for Networks Too!

Virex Administrator remotely installs and updates Virex over your network. Initiates virus scans of Macintosh computers on the network. Provides immediate notification of virus attacks and repairs infected files - all from one central location. No other antivirus product offers complete network protection.

Download the virex update.


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