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The Planet Group Ships New Version of Virtual Poll, Download here


The Planet Group announced an update to their Virtual-Poll software to v1.3. The software is a scaleable Web server to manage the creation and analysis of market research data at a fraction of the cost of phone surveys, focus groups or mailings. Virtual-Poll enables users to collect real-time market data information on the Internet and receive immediate results.

Virtual-Pollautomatically produces, manages and administers the entire market research process from Survey Generation to Distribution, Data Collection, Data Evaluation and Results Presentation. Surveys, tests, evaluations, quizzes and polling of all types can be customized to your specifications. Gather results on customer satisfaction, evaluate product performance, track buying patterns, gain immediate status reports on sales and competition, qualify prospects, conduct straw polls and opinion research, gather evaluations and feedback, and many other key market data.

Virtual-Poll will decrease the time required to collect timely marketing information, reduce costs, increase survey research effectiveness, automate market research tasks and provide professional real-time results. Statistical results are produced instantaneously and can be exported to spreadsheet and word-processing programs.

Advertising Agencies and Rating Companies eagerly welcome this value-added service/product to service their now Web-based accounts. Also available for consumer retail and manufacturing businesses and associations interested in gathering market data. Examine the Voter's Directory Poll for a sample.

Virtual-Poll is a highly optimized, PowerPC native server product developed in ACI's 4th Dimension database. It is a multi-user application that allows for remote management, updates, reporting and web-serving, all concurrently. Virtual-Poll is flexible, too; the open nature of HTML allows WebMasters to insert their own HTML text for outstanding visual results. Virtual-Poll is cross-platform running on MAC/OS, Windows 95/NT, and SUN/OS.


Download the updated version 1.3 of Virtual Poll,


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