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Mcafee Introduces Virusscan 2.0 For The Macintosh; Dozens Of New Features, Download Eval here


McAfee has released VirusScan 2.0 for the Macintosh, an aggressively priced anti-virus software package featuring dramatically enhanced anti-virus security and ease of use. The product, which was originally based upon source code licensed from Northwestern University, now detects multi-platform viruses and incorporates over thirty new features.

VirusScan for the Macintosh has evolved dramatically since its introduction in December 95. Now with v2.0, McAfee has delivered on a commitment to create an industry-leading anti-virus solution for the Macintosh. Viruses pose an increasing threat to the Macintosh user community, especially with the rapid growth in the number of multi-platform Word Macro viruses.

McAfee, with its 68% worldwide unit market share for standalone DOS and Windows PC desktops (according to IDC), and 80% of the Fortune 100 licensing McAfee's solutions, is ideally positioned to provide Macintosh users the most comprehensive detection against multi-platform viruses. This combined with the excellent foundation technology derived from Disinfectant and McAfee's commitment to advanced features and administrability make for a very useable, secure solution.

Multi-platform "Macro" viruses are changing the Macintosh landscape. 10-20 new strains per month have sped up the pace for Mac Antivirus developers. VirusScan 2.0 customers can freely download regular updates, which are posted approximately once per month. To facilitate the deployment of VirusScan's updates, McAfee allows administrators to distribute task icons by many means including as email attachments. By simply clicking on the task icon, users can update VirusScan with the latest virus definition files. Administrators can also distribute task icons which update end-user configuration files. Additional scripting and remote distribution options exist.

VirusScan provides complete, automatic and transparent virus protection for your Macintosh. Conveniently trigger immediate scans from a menu, button, drag-and-drop icon, or hotkey. Transparent background protection prevents viruses from entering or activating in your system. VirusScan can automatically scan on disk insertion, file modification, a pre-scheduled time, system startup and shutdown. A Configuration Wizard automatically configures advanced, customized high performance protection. Task Manager visually presents configuration in one screen for easy management. VirusScan detects and cleans all categories of Macintosh virus threats; including conventional, hypercard stack, Word.Macro, and Trojans. Task Exporting allows peer administrators to send password-protected configurations, immediate scans, scheduled scans, and updated virus-definition-files as e-mail attachments.

VirusScan 2.0 includes exclusive features such as: Configuration Wizard Drag and drop scanning AutoScan on file creation/modification Emails auto update icon Autolaunch Applescripts upon virus detection Task Manager Non-obtrusive operation Estimated street price of $49.00

Download Free Evaluation version.

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