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McAfee Introduces VirusScan 2.0 for the Macintosh. Download Eval Copy Here.


McAfee announced VirusScan 2.0 for the Macintosh, an aggressively priced anti-virus software package featuring dramatically enhanced anti-virus security and ease of use.

The product, which was originally based upon source code licensed from Northwestern University, now incorporates over thirty new features.

"VirusScan for the Macintosh has evolved dramatically since its introduction in December, 1995," said Chris Harget, anti-virus product manager at McAfee. "Today, just seven months later, we've delivered on our commitment to create an industry-leading anti-virus solution for the Macintosh. Viruses pose an increasing threat to the Macintosh user community, especially with the rapid growth in the number of multi-platform Word Macro viruses."

VirusScan 2.0 Protects Against Latest Virus Threats

VirusScan 2.0 for the Macintosh provides superior protection against the latest virus threats, including full protection against all known Word Macro viruses, conventional viruses, Hypercard Stack viruses, and trojan horses.

"We've seen the number of new macro viruses rise from approximately three in December to nearly twenty today," continued Harget. "Macro viruses are one of the most common forms of virus infection reported to McAfee. To combat this increasing threat, we protect our VirusScan 2.0 customers with regular online updates, which are posted at least once per month."

To facilitate the deployment of VirusScan's updates, McAfee allows administrators to distribute task icons as email attachments. By simply clicking on the task icon, users can update VirusScan with the latest virus definition files. Administrators can also distribute task icons which update end-user configuration files.

VirusScan 2.0 for the McAfee Provides Unparalleled Value and Protection

VirusScan Now Easier to Use and Configure

VirusScan's new elegantly simple interface makes the product extremely simple to use and configure. VirusScan's new Configuration Wizard feature simplifies the installation process by walking the user through a short list of questions regarding their skill level and computing style. With this information, VirusScan applies fuzzy logic technology to automatically choose a configuration for that user which adequately balances the needs for complete protection, non-obtrusive operation, and high-performance. For novice users, VirusScan features context sensitive balloon help.

New Scanning Options Supported

VirusScan supports several new flexible scanning options. In addition to initiating scans on file launch or at pre-scheduled times, VirusScan now supports other trigger events such as scans at floppy insert; scans at file modification; scans at system startup; and scans at system shut down. Users can also manually initiate scans by simply dragging an object onto the VirusScan icon. Drag and drop objects supported include files, folders and drive icons.

New Task Manager Provides Added Configuration Flexibility

VirusScan's new Task Manager feature, which is available from the product's main console, provides users added configuration flexibility. Utilizing the Task Manager's intuitive icon-driven interface, users can determine which events will trigger virus scans and what actions should be taken if viruses are discovered. Supported action items include audible alerts, log file reports, automatic virus removal, move file to the trash, or the launch of predetermined scripts. Users can also designate targets for scans. Supported targets include files, folders, logical volumes, CD-ROMs, and remote volumes.

McAfee World's Leading Vendor of Anti-Virus Solutions

According to IDC, McAfee is the leading vendor of anti-virus software, with a worldwide unit market share of 68% for standalone DOS and Windows PC desktops. McAfee provides the industry's most comprehensive line of anti-virus software and hardware solutions designed to protect against computer viruses on all major desktop and network computing platforms. The products support DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT, Unix, OS/2, the Internet, and the Macintosh. McAfee anti-virus products are currently used and trusted by over 20 million computer users worldwide. By having more users than any other anti-virus software vendor, McAfee is often the first to discover emerging virus threats.

Competitive Pricing, Maintenance and Availability

VirusScan 2.0 for the Macintosh begins shipping August 9. The software carries a suggested retail price of $65.00 and an estimated street price of $49.00. VirusScan's suggested retail price is significantly lower than that of its nearest Macintosh anti-virus competitors. All McAfee products, including VirusScan 2.0 for the Macintosh, can be downloaded in their fully-functional form for free 30 day evaluations. Evaluation versions are identical to retail versions and contain no time bombs or encryption.

Estimated street price $49.00 $69.00 Configuration Wizard Yes No Non-obtrusive operation Yes No Drag and drop scanning Yes No Emails auto update icon Yes No Autolaunch Applescripts Yes No Task Manager Yes No

Download an evaluation copy.


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