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VivoActive Producer for the MAC in Beta, Download here


VivoActive Producer for the Mac will be released in the next 6 weeks and the beta version should be available for download SOON. The VivoActive Producer will compress QuickTime files up to 200 times! The compressed Vivo file can then be posted to a web site without any special hardware or software server. Just stick the file in your HTML page exactly as you would a .gif or .jpg.

Then, any Netscape or Explorer browser with the VivoActive Player can view the file STREAMING in real time from the server.

That's it. And with that, you can include as many highly compressed, high-quality video files in your site as you want, and the only limit to the number of browsers who can view the file simultaneously is your ISP. Compare that with other streaming products like Real Audio and you'll see all the others charge PER STREAM and REQUIRE PROPRIETARY SERVER SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE.

The VivoActive Producer will sell for $495.

Download the VivoActive Player.


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