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New Version of VivoActive Producer Streaming Web Video, Download here


Vivo Software announced the newest version of its VivoActive Producer, a Web video post-production tool that enables Webmasters to easily produce and integrate streams-based video into their Web sites. VivoActive Producer 1.5 includes productivity enhancing features that help Webmasters manipulate and process video clips into their Web sites more quickly and easily. Available for both PC and Apple Power Macintosh platforms, it will be delivered initially on the Power Mac, the most popular development platform with most Web site designers today.

The initial version of the VivoActive product family, launched in September, already has generated considerable market momentum. More than 190 Web sites feature VivoActivated streaming video, including CNN, C/Net, MSNBC, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and NCR; and some 500,000 copies of the VivoActive Player Web browser plug-in have been downloaded by PC and Power Mac users.

Designed to integrate seamlessly within the working environments of Webmasters, the new VivoActive Producer 1.5 features greater integration with Apple's QuickTime environment, allowing previewing and manipulation of QuickTime video clips before they are added to a Web page. It also allows customized batch processing of video clips, so that multiple video clips can be converted to the VivoActive streaming format without user intervention, significantly enhancing the ability of the VivoActive Producer to generate large volumes of content for active Web sites.

The VivoActive Producer also processes video in little more than the time necessary to view the clip. This not only allows quick changes to Web site content, but also can cut hours off the process of preparing lengthy video clips for posting.

For new corporate intranet applications, VivoActive technology can leverage existing video resources and help to quickly deploy them. Organizations can now create browser-based applications for internal audiences and use the VivoActive Producer to easily add video clips of product demonstrations, training and corporate information directly into these pages.

"To fully realize its potential, Web video must be as easy to produce as it is to watch," said Dr. Staffan Ericsson, chairman of Vivo Software. "People want instant accessibility. That means streaming video on-demand for viewers, without lengthy waits for a file to download; and it means fast and easy processing of video clips for posting to the Web. That's precisely what VivoActive delivers."

Enabling the Web Video Revolution

The VivoActive product family is comprised of the VivoActive Producer and the VivoActive Player. VivoActive Player is a Web browser plug-in that enables PC or Power Mac users to view videos from any VivoActivated Web site.

By using the HTTP protocol and supporting standard Web servers, the VivoActive software family makes video a natural component of the Web environment. This contrasts with other approaches to video on the Web, which treat video as an adjunct or add-on, requiring additional hardware or special modifications to established Internet/intranet infrastructures. VivoActive Producer and Player software eliminates the need for dedicated video server hardware, and conserves network bandwidth, enabling faster, more widely accessible video on-demand over the Web.

VivoActive technology differs from other Web video solutions in several key dimensions:


  • It requires no dedicated video server hardware or software, so there is no incremental infrastructure cost for Web site operators
  • It uses Vivo's patented compression algorithms, which compress video and audio signals at ratios of greater than 200:1 to maximize precious network bandwidth
  • It uses HTTP, so video is transported like any other common Web data type, enabling video to pass securely through firewalls and wherever standard Web traffic goes
  • It works with established, popular Web video formats, such as QuickTime/AVI files, making VivoActive software complementary to existing video resources

    It requires a Power Macintosh with 16MB of memory and 4MB of disk space. The full-release version will be available in December at a suggested price of $795 and can either be downloaded from the Vivo Web site or ordered directly by calling 800-VIVO-411.

    Download VivoActive Player

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