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VoiceStream Makes Virtual Office a Reality


With the introduction of its newest technology, InfoStream, VoiceStream(SM) Wireless makes the virtual office a reality.

Mobile professionals will now be able to send error-free faxes and e-mail, and access office databases and the Internet from their laptop computers using a VoiceStream digital personal communications services (PCS) phone.

The technology gives the mobile professional a distinct advantage. "More and more people are away from the office as they conduct business, but they still must stay ahead of the competition and maintain communication with their customers and colleagues," VoiceStream Wireless vice president of marketing Robert Dotson said.

"Past wireless data services had to convert information from an analog wave signal to the digital ones and zeroes of computer language, when transmitting to computers. The technology did not appeal to a broad consumer market, because it was slow and unreliable. VoiceStream's wireless data service is all-digital and error-free," Dotson said.

To use InfoStream, the customer connects his VoiceStream PCS phone to a data card in his laptop or handheld computer. Part of VoiceStream's completely digital network, InfoStream and its 100-percent error-correction feature ensures that all faxes and e-mail messages sent through the wireless network are error-free.

Transmitting at a data speed of 9600 baud, InfoStream also allows quicker wireless access to Internet web sites and office databases. And since all VoiceStream voice and data transmissions are encrypted, the user is ensured of privacy and security.

The virtual office makes many practical applications possible, and the digital wireless link alleviates many of the hassles known to mobile professionals:

-- Internet presentations. Presenters can incorporate Internet Web sites, home pages or bulletin boards into group presentations without having to find a phone jack, tote around a telephone cord, or determine conference center dialing codes and billing methods.

-- Business travel. Business travelers can access their office databases, send faxes and check their e-mail while waiting to catch a plane at the airport. They can use their computer modems without having to search for a hotel-room phone jack behind heavy furniture or paying additional hotel calling charges.

-- Sales force automation. While in a customer's office, salespeople can access price, inventory and delivery information to quickly close a sale.

-- Transportation and delivery. Parcel delivery workers can use vehicle-based computers to track parcels from origin to destination and to dispatch vans.

-- Field service automation. Installation and repair technicians can dispatch additional technicians, access customer profiles and order parts from their vans.

-- Real estate listings. Real estate professionals can access electronic bulletin boards to check additional listings of homes for sale when away from the office with a client.

-- Financing. Mortgage brokers can access the latest loan rates and immediately process loan applications at a client's home or office.

-- Personal banking. Travelers can transfer funds between accounts, pay bills and check the latest stock quotes at the airport, in a parking lot or while riding on public transportation.

Industry studies indicate considerable room for growth in wireless data services. A 1996 market study from MTA-EMCI and Zsigo Wireless Data Consultants Inc. reported that corporate decision-makers estimated the number of workers who could benefit from a wireless data service at 40 percent of their entire workforce.

The InfoStream wireless data transmission card can be inserted into any computer that has a Type II or III PCMCIA slot for the data card. Compatible computers include IBM compatible PCs, Macintosh Powerbook Series 520 and 540, and palmtops such as Newton 120 and 130, HP 200 LX, and others. Compatible operating systems include Windows 2.x and 3.x, Windows 95, DOS, OS2 and Macintosh.

Compatible software includes, but is not limited to: Delrina WinFax and TrioFax; e-mail systems such as Eudora, MS Mail and cc:Mail; terminal emulation software such as Procomm Plus; and specialized business applications.

The InfoStream data card and wireless phone connector package costs about $300. All InfoStream data transmissions are billed at the customer's regular wireless airtime rate, plus a $5 monthly user fee. Customers can get more information on VoiceStream Wireless and its InfoStream data service by calling toll-free 1-888-STREAMS.


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