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Funk Software Announces Wanderlink v2.2, Industry's First Total Remote Access Solution for Netware Lans


Funk Software announced a major upgrade to WanderLink, making it the industry's only remote access solution that integrates the four key elements of remote access: remote node access, remote control, security, and dial-out for LAN-based PC users. The company also announced an aggressive competitive upgrade program for organizations switching to WanderLink from other products.

"New WanderLink v2.2 is the only all-in-one remote access product on the market today," said Cimarron Boozer, vice president of product marketing at Funk Software. "Prior to WanderLink, users had to rely on multiple applications for remote node access, remote control, security, and dial-out. With WanderLink, they get all the remote access functionality they require in a single integrated package. And, our very aggressive competitive upgrade program makes it even more cost effective for customers to try WanderLink for themselves."

WanderLink runs on a NetWare file server. With WanderLink, mobile workers, employees who work in a branch office or at home, and LAN support professionals can connect over phone lines to a remote network and gain access to all LAN resources.

Now, with new WanderLink v2.2, users get:

-- A New Dial-Out Module: WanderLink v2.2 adds for the first time an advanced LAN dial-out client that permits LAN-based PC users to dial out through their WanderLink server to send faxes and to access online services such as bulletin board systems and the Internet, using the same modems as dial-in users. An important advantage of WanderLink v2.2's new dial-out modem pooling capability is full support for both 16- and 32-bit communications programs.

-- Enhanced Remote Control: WanderLink includes Funk Software's Proxy remote control software, so dial-in users can access files and applications on LAN PCs. WanderLink v2.2 adds the newest version of Proxy. Proxy v2.0 supports both IPX and IP for maximum flexibility when accessing LAN services. Proxy v2.0 also adds full support for Windows 95, so a remote user can view and operate DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows 95 PCs from Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.

-- Remote Node: WanderLink v2.2 incorporates the products existing powerful remote node dial-in capability, which lets PC users connect to a network over phone lines and become a full-fledged node on the LAN with complete IPX and IP access to all of its resources. Using remote node access, users can edit documents on the file server, send and retrieve e-mail, map network drives, print to network printers, and so on.

-- Built-in Security: WanderLink includes the most advanced set of built-in security features available to allow network administrators to absolutely prevent unauthorized access to the LAN. Features like NodeID, domain (packet) filtering, encrypted passwords, restricted dial-back, and data encryption licensed from RSA Data Security, Inc., make WanderLink the most secure remote access product on the market.

WanderLink v2.2, available immediately, can be purchased in the following configurations: 2-port, $495; 4-port, $795; 8-port, $1,395; and 16-port, $2,595. Users of WanderLink v2.1 can upgrade free of charge to WanderLink v2.2; users of WanderLink v1.0 can upgrade to WanderLink v2.2 at fees starting at $75. Users of Novell's NetWare Connect remote access software and other competing products can upgrade to WanderLink v2.2 for 50% off of WanderLink's retail price.

WanderLink Product Overview

WanderLink is powerful LAN dial-in software that lets remote users connect to a network over phone lines. When remote users connect to the network with WanderLink, they become a node on the network with complete access to all of its resources. Once connected, they can run Proxy remote control over their WanderLink connection to view and operate PCs and file servers on the network.

WanderLink incorporates the most sophisticated suite of security features available - including domain filtering and NodeID (PC fingerprinting) - and advanced data compression for the fastest performance.

WanderLink v2.2 incorporates the following enhancements:

-- Dial-out modem pooling: Now, LAN-based PC users can dial out through a WanderLink server - using the same modems as dial-in users - to access the Internet, bulletin board systems, and other online services. An important advantage of WanderLink v2.2's new dial-out modem pooling capability is full support for both 16- and 32-bit communications programs.

-- Proxy Remote Control v2.0: This enhanced version of Proxy now supports IP, so users can run it over an IP LAN, dial-up networks, their Intranet, even the Internet. Proxy v2.0 runs in Windows and Windows 95, and can take over and operate DOS, Windows, and Windows 95 PCs.

-- Integrated IP stack: Users can elect to install Novell's LAN Workplace IP stack automatically, right when they install the WanderLink dial-in client.

-- AppleTalk support: Dial-in users can now connect using PPP-based AppleTalk dialers, including MacPPP, FreePPP, and those from Apple, FCR Corporation and InterCon.

-- Port Monitor feature: allows the administrator to monitor data and status information for any serial port, for easy diagnosis of dial-in or dial-out problems


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