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Warning!! Netscape and Gif 89 Crash!, May be Java Script


Carl Backstrom pointed out a web page that demonstrates a problem that can crash Netscape 3 when it encounters certain GIF images.


Make your Mac go haywire!

If you are using a Macintosh together with Netscape Navigator 3.0, there is a big chance that I can make your computer crash. Something seems to be wrong with Netscape for Mac's interpretation of GIF-images created by Adobes GIF89a-plugin for Photoshop 3.0. As Netscape tries to display the image you'll receive a type 11 error and will have to reboot using cmd-ctrl-power.

The image has been sent to Netscape and Adobe for comments, but until any answers arrive, I'll try to poll people and see if there is anyone with a Mac that manages to look at this image without a crash.

New! It seems that the only configurations crashing are Power Macs running Netscape 3.0 or 3.01. I'm not sure, but maybe PMs running 7.5.5 are spared aswell. Please don't send me a mail if your Mac doesn't crash and you're not using something like the above configuration. I'm getting mail-bombed over here. :) Thanks to everyone who has sent in their machine-setups, I think we're beginning to narrow down on the problem now... Still nothing from Netscape or Adobe though...

Some people have also adviced me to add some info on how to take care of your poor Mac after the crash. As you get the bombing window, you can almost always press cmd-power to jump into the "programmers box" where you can enter "G FINDER" to shut down Netscape and return to the Finder. If this doesn't work for you, I can recommend installing MacsBug - a debugger for Macintosh which makes it possible to exit, reboot and restart applications without cold reboots.

WARNING: By pressing this button you enter a page containing an image that will almost certainly crash your Mac. IF you manage to press the "mail"-button at that page, please mail me with your machine-configuration so I know which Macs and systems that crash.

* Information from MacinTouch Home Page


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