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The Weather Channel Now Delivers Local Forecasts Over Net. Mac Version Soon


The Weather Channel and NETdelivery Corporation announced a partnership to bring personalized, global weather news directly to computer desktops via the Internet.

Users can sign up for local weather and select from more than 1,600 locations worldwide. The reports include colorful, easy-to-read five-day forecasts and "live" interactive links to maps, national weather news, hurricane reports and other informative Web pages on The Weather Channel site. The service is free and available now by downloading the NETdelivery desktop distribution software from or

The Weather Channel's decision to use NETdelivery desktop distribution services marks a developing trend toward "delivering" Internet content directly to the user. Rather than searching the World Wide Web for a current weather report, NETdelivery Members can now receive any of the more than 1,300 domestic city forecasts updated hourly by The Weather Channel on its Web site.

"The NETdelivery service allows The Weather Channel to expand the scope of our Internet program and offer a new way to communicate with our users," said Debora Wilson, president of The Weather Channel New Media. "We've filled our Web site with useful information and made it easy for consumers to get the weather information they want most. Now we can send a personalized forecast directly to their computers."

Weather news you can use

NETdelivery Members can turn on their computers and immediately receive, with one click, daily weather deliveries. Keep tabs on temperature, rain, snow, and sunshine at your favorite resort, your Mom's house, your sweetheart's condo, or more than 230 international cities. Know exactly what to wear today, what kinds of activities to plan for the weekend, and how the weather may be affecting friends and colleagues at a distance. The service is convenient, easy-to-use, and free.

Business users can use daily weather news to plan appropriate attire for business travel, keep tabs on weather conditions at remote construction sites, or monitor severe weather conditions as they develop.

"Now you won't have to hunt for the weather or just miss the update you wanted on TV," said Tom Higley, President and CEO of NETdelivery Corporation. "This personalized service brings you exactly what you want, when you want it. We are pleased to be able to offer our Members access to The Weather Channel, the premiere weather source."

Desktop Distribution Services Growing in Popularity

Unlike traditional Web sites that passively wait for visitors to find them, Web sites that are able to "deliver" branded information have effectively become Web publishers. NETdelivery Members can now subscribe to and receive personalized information specific to their interests, while protecting their anonymity. Because the NETdelivery approach benefits both the Provider publishers and the Member subscribers, desktop distribution services are continuing to grow in popularity.

The NETdelivery service creates a mailbox that resides on the computer desktop. Whenever the computer is connected to the Internet, the mailbox can receive any deliveries that a Member has subscribed to. When a new delivery is available, the mailbox notifies the user through any of various visual and auditory methods pre-selected by the Member. The mailbox connects the user directly to the NETdelivery server, and does not use any electronic mail system. NETdelivery Members select, customize and control deliveries through a subscription process that is managed entirely by the Member. The system preserves the individual privacy of Members while preventing the unwanted delivery of "junk mail."

"Desktop distribution is changing the way people gather information over the Internet and how businesses utilize their Web sites," said Higley. "The Weather Channel is committed to a higher level of service and we are pleased to help them better serve their valued customers."


U.S. forecast deliveries are available now. International forecasts will be available in late November.

System Requirements

Member software requires a minimum of 2 megabytes (MB) of hard disk space and runs under a wide range of popular operating systems including Windows 3.1, Windows95, and Windows NT. Using it requires only a browser and any Internet connection. Both Netscape and Microsoft browsers are supported today. Macintosh and UNIX support are currently in development for release before the end of the year. America Online and CompuServe browsers will also be supported before the end of the year.


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