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Web Database Applications Taken to Next Level with Advanced Application Server


A Java-based development tool with its own fourth generation language (4GL) was announced today by JAALSoft the Internet Products division of Silicon Valley-based Majesco Software.

JAAL 1.0 is designed for corporate IS and businesses to easily build large Internet/Intranet database applications -- with some 66% fewer lines of code -- due to a unique interface to the HTML/SQL standards. With its Complete Development Environment (CDE) written in Java and with a full-scale WYSIWYG editor, JAAL 1.0 goes beyond the features and capabilities of current Web tools. It will ship next month.

JAAL Application Server executes WhizCode, a 4GL designed to meet the needs of a wide range of developers -- from database to Client/Server and Web developers. The WhizCode 4GL interfaces with and binds HTML and SQL together in their natural form and provides a substantial productivity increase over languages like C and Perl (which is primarily used for Web database application development).

JAALSoft's new product offers Rapid Application Development, optimizes database connections, and uses a third of the lines of code required for similar applications built in SQL, C, Shell scripts or Perl.

JAAL uses the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) to communicate with Web servers running under Windows NT, Windows 95, and UNIX. JAAL also uses 32-bit ODBC drivers to communicate with the relational database, and uses native interfaces to Oracle, Sybase, and Progress, thus optimizing database access.

"Until recently, the Web has been primarily used for information dissemination and publication," noted Ian Browde, a JAALSoft executive. "Now, with the Web being used for putting everything on-line from entire companies to business segments, like Sales & Customer Support and Human Resources, a solution is needed that goes beyond current Web tools."

"Early development tools like Shell scripts or Perl have interface and interpretation limitations with each other," Browde added. "For example, Shell scripts and Perl have cryptic code and aren't designed to interface with SQL or HTML. JAAL WhizCode, on the other hand, is a meta language, which means it provides simple and powerful interfacing to these languages, while supporting programming constructs and arrays."

JAALSoft is a division of Santa Clara, Calif.-based Majesco Software JAALSoft's management team includes two Mastek founders -- Rad Sundar and Sudhakar Ram, and Ian Browde, a former Apple Computer veteran.


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