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Web Groupware Supports BackOffice, SuiteSpot WebShare Users


Radnet, Inc. introduced WebShare 1.2, the latest release of the first groupware development tools designed from the outset to take advantage of Internet World Wide Web technology and corporate Intranets.

WebShare 1.2 helps companies to boost productivity by enabling developers to quickly and inexpensively create secure collaborative applications that intelligently share information on corporate Intranets. Incorporating more than 30 new features, WebShare 1.2 also now supports two of the most popular server environments, Microsoft BackOffice and Netscape SuiteSpot.

"WebShare 1.2's support for BackOffice and SuiteSpot now makes it easier than ever for corporate developers, VARs, ISVs, and systems integrators to integrate WebShare applications into their existing infrastructures," said Radnet President and CEO Don Bulens. "Unlike other Web groupware products such as Lotus Domino, WebShare 1.2 makes it easy and affordable to gain immediate benefits, and doesn't require companies to install and maintain a monolithic server software such as Lotus Notes. WebShare users access their groupware applications from their favorite Web browser, and WebShare VARs who join Radnet's Professional Partner Program can quickly and easily learn to build customized Intranet groupware solutions for their customers."

What's New in WebShare 1.2

WebShare 1.2 includes the following new features:

Targeted Packaging of WebShare for Microsoft BackOffice and Netscape SuiteSpot

  • Integration with Microsoft and Netscape server suites - the WebShare applications platform is now available in two new configurations. These configurations are tuned expressly for Microsoft BackOffice customers, and for Netscape SuiteSpot customers (including the Oracle database included with LiveWire Pro).
  • Certified for Use with Additional Databases
  • WebShare is now certified for use with additional databases (in addition to MS SQL Server) including Informix, Oracle, and Sybase SQL Server.

Systems Management Enhancements


  • Virtual Domains
  • The new WebShare server supports hosting of multiple virtual domains. This allows a single server to be "partitioned" as separate WebShare desktops. Each desktop can be configured independently, with different applications and user accounts.
  • WebShare Server Enhancements -- Can be run as an NT service - allows unattended system start-up. Can be run on any TCP/IP port - this allows WebShare to be installed alongside other HTTP-based applications services on a shared server.
  • Remote WebShare Server Administration
  • The Central Administrator, accessible through any Web browser, now includes all WebShare server administrative options, and offers an improved user interface.

Additional WebShare Scripting Functions


  • New built-in scripting functions -- including CreateDocument; SaveDocument; LockDocument, UnLockDocument; ClearCaches; and a DetachFile event hook which can be triggered when the user requests to retrieve a file attachment, to implement custom logging and access control.

Radnet will be meeting with prospective Professional Partners and demonstrating WebShare 1.2 in its Booth #IPA-04 in the Internet Innovators Pavilion at Comdex Fall in Las Vegas November 18 through 22 and next month in its Booth #1735 at Fall Internet World, to be held December 9 through 13 at New York's Jacob Javits Center.

"Because we've designed WebShare to leverage corporate Intranets and built it on open Internet standards such as HTML, SMTP and SSL, and on defacto standards such as MAPI, ISAPI and ODBC, WebShare's capabilities can be quickly and easily expanded to keep up with the rapid advancement of Web tools and technologies," said Steve Hochschild, vice president of business development at Radnet. "From this platform, partners and customers can implement tailored collaborative solutions that take advantage of their investments in BackOffice or SuiteSpot server environments."

WebShare is the only complete Web-based groupware system that does not require complex client/server software. The only thing users need to install WebShare is a Windows NT machine, NT version 3.51 or higher and the WebShare installation disk. WebShare comes complete with a run-time version of the SQL Anywhere relational database licensed from Sybase, and the Spyglass Server SDK Web server. The WebShare product family consists of the WebShare Server, the WebShare Designer and includes a large and growing collection of WebShare starter applications and templates.

The WebShare 1.2 Server and Designer are available immediately. Pricing remains unchanged at $2,195 and $995, respectively, and registered users of WebShare 1.0 and 1.1 will receive free upgrades. WebShare runs on Microsoft Windows NT platforms, connecting users via a corporate Intranet (any LAN running TCP/IP) or any public Internet network. Since WebShare's desktop access is based on any standard Web browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, supported client platforms include any that support standard Web browsers, including Windows 3.1, 95 or NT, Macintosh or UNIX. There are no client license requirements or run-time fees. Support is available through the Radnet Web site, where WebShare developers and users can receive up-to-date technical information and downloads, as well as via phone and fax. Prospective VARs and customers may download a free trial version of WebShare from the Radnet Web site at


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