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WebIPO Launches New Web Site


On the heels of recent SEC rulings, WebIPO-Capital Formation Group, a Southern California-based professional consulting firm, has launched its Web site.

WebIPO specializes in Internet initial public offerings (IPOs), helping small and medium-sized companies save thousands of dollars by avoiding traditional underwriters. In addition, individual investors may now participate very early in IPOs. "The Internet is redefining how investors receive information and companies raise capital," noted Tom Taulli, CEO of WebIPO.

The WebIPO site offers a vast amount of free resources for companies and individuals seeking information on the IPO process. The searchable site contains numerous articles covering the components of an IPO, such as federal and state regulations, the costs, the players, the advantages and disadvantages.

There is a database of recent IPOs, which is also searchable as well as indexed by company name, offering size, date, market capitalization and percentage of expenses. The database is updated weekly.

The site features news and developments affecting the rapidly changing IPO marketplace, and guest columnists will be featured monthly.

The Guide to Investing section consists of about 100 pages' worth of information on personal finance with in-depth articles covering such topics as IRAs, Keoghs, International Funds and 403(b)s.

There is a glossary of financial terms and even a template for creating a personal financial plan.

The Web site is intended to remain free and will be updated weekly with new features.


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