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Totally Hip WebPainter 2D Paint and Animation Editor for OpenDoc on the Mac, Download Trial Software


Totally Hip Software Inc. announced WebPainter for OpenDoc beta release, a new component version of the company's popular cel-based paint program for creating animation and GIF graphics for Web pages and corporate Intranets.

WebPainter 1.0 for OpenDoc, demonstrated at an Apple press and analyst briefing covering Macintosh OS System 7.6, is an easy-to-use solution for embedding interactive animation with OpenDoc documents.

"Today's demonstration of our new OpenDoc versions of Digital Harbor's WAV(TM) and Totally Hip's WebPainter illustrates how developers can leverage OpenDoc technology to create superior solutions for users without support from other developers," said Dave Harding, general manager of Digital Harbor. "With OpenDoc components, users can take a WAV word processing document and drag and drop WebPainter into the document, creating a page with live animated content."

"OpenDoc compatibility gives users the freedom to mix and match Live Object editors or viewers, radically shifting the way users interact with software," said Randall H. McCallum, CEO and chairman of Totally Hip. "As component software continues to gain market share, Totally Hip will take advantage of this shift by providing users with the first component based paint and animation solution for OpenDoc. WebPainter's popularity is increasing daily, as indicated in the first week of downloads from C/NET's new DOWNLOAD.COM. Visitors to the site have downloaded WebPainter over 1,400 times in less than a week, making it the most popular multimedia software on the site. We expect WebPainter for OpenDoc to gain this much attention when it is released."


OpenDoc is a multi-platform, component software architecture that enables developers to evolve current applications into component software or create new component software applications. OpenDoc software will run on the Mac OS, as well as Windows, Windows NT, OS/2 and AIX systems. With software enabled by OpenDoc, users will be able to mix and match software to fit their needs, combining text, graphics, video, spreadsheets and many other types of data into a single document. OpenDoc component architecture allows users to purchase solution suites aimed at their specific needs, whether they're a home-user, educator, Web publisher or designer, real estate agent, or other professional.

Webpainter for opendoc benefits:

WebPainter for OpenDoc will benefit users and developers in several important ways:

- Apple Macintosh users will be able to choose between the application version of WebPainter for Macintosh or WebPainter for OpenDoc depending on their particular needs.

- Because OepnDoc makes software development much easier, it allows Totally Hip to add new software features to WebPainter much more quickly, which provides many benefits to end-users.

- Users will benefit from the highly integrated nature of OpenDoc applications such as WebPainter for OpenDoc, even when those applications are created by different software companies.

- WebPainter for OpenDoc allows users to add paint and animation functionality to other OpenDoc compatible applications as they need it, rather than being forced to get overwhelmingly large applications with features they don't need or want.

Webpainter for opendoc requirements and availability:

WebPainter for OpenDoc (beta 1) will be available on Totally Hip's Web site by the middle of November at . The commercial version of WebPainter 1.0 for OpenDoc and the Sizzler animation viewer software will be released in January 1997.

Webpainter for opendoc & sizzler viewer pricing and availability:

WebPainter for OpenDoc and the Sizzler Live Object animation viewer will have a SRP of $99.95 US/ $138.95 CDN.

Download a trial version of WebPainter (you must fill out the on-line form)


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