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Web Server Now 4D Download Demo here


Web Server 4D offers a better approach for maintaining your internet or intranet web site. The company states "Don't acquire and fuss with a host of non-supported scripts and other plug-ins/add-ons to make your web site functional." Web Server 4D's basic features surpass what all other web servers offer. WS4D is the web server that offers a complete web solution in and of itself!

Web Server 4D is a fast web server AND a very fast relational database. This provides unparalleled site tracking without sacrificing performance. In fact, the author of Web Server Construction Kit (Hayden Books), Stewart Buskirk wrote in the comparisons of various packages that, "Web Server 4D is wicked fast!" Visit our existing customer sites and see for yourself.

We have setup a special page with illustrates the built-in features of Web Server 4D.

You can download the demo (4.4 megs) and get 300 hundrted hours free.


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